Op-Ed/Kosovo’s opposition blinded for power

Op-Ed/Kosovo’s opposition blinded for power

By Hashim Thaci

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo

The frustration of the opposition is growing, especially after the welcomed decision of the Constitutional Court, which was clear on two essential things: the first one that the association of Serb communes will be set up based on the First Agreement ratified by the Parliament of Kosovo and secondly, it has clarified the way that the association will be set up and the constitutional provisions which the Status must contain and through which the association will be set up and function.

Opposition leaders read the ruling of the Constitutional Court in a different way, because they read it with blinded eyes and mind from the desire for power.

But, the people of Kosovo are not blind. We live in freedom and democracy, where everyone is able to read, think and act freely.

Institutions of Kosovo have welcomed the decision and will fully apply it.

This was also backed by our loyal partners, USA and EU. Everyone is able to read and understand the decision as it is, except for the opposition.

Therefore, one question arises: why do several small opposition parties who are angry with everyone, do not accept the decision in question?

The answer is clear, because the decision of the Constitutional Court overthrows the pretext of the opposition for protests. This causes pain and growing frustration.

These opposition parties are entitled to protest in a quiet and democratic way. But let us give up from violence.

The opposition’s calls for violent protests on Saturday are unacceptable. In a critical moment when we expect to be recommended for the visa liberalization regime, violence would seriously threaten this process.

The opposition cannot force the citizens to head to the ballot boxes through violence and threats. The citizens are not obliged to express their will every time the opposition wants this.

The citizens respect the democratic rules; they have expressed their democratic will and they will express it in the future in a democratic way, fearing nobody.

Therefore, the more efforts the opposition makes through threats, violence and anarchy with the aim of seizing power, the more powerful will be the response of the citizens and state institutions in defending the state and our modern democracy.

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