OP-ED/Kosovo’s borders concern every Albanian

OP-ED/Kosovo’s borders concern every Albanian

It’s been several months now that a debate has been going on whether to change borders between Kosovo and Serbia. The declarations of four important politicians have taken this debate to a delicate point. Thaçi, Vucic, Bolton and Merkel almost agree with the idea of border changes, on condition that this does not spark tension. An analysis and a different perspective of the issue of the borders

By Roland Qafoku

Border correction, border changes or land swaps, the situation has become real. As president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi is holding negotiations and talks. Sometimes he uses particular terms and later on, he denies them by replacing them with other terms. Everything is revolving around this and everyone is anxiously waiting to see when border changes will take place. The whole picture of this entire panorama revolves around the declarations that the four most important political figures, which are closely tied to this issue, have made. The first one is president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi who recently quoted the declaration of President Ibrahim Rugova in 1994. “No partition of Kosovo, but a land swap”. However, Thaçi says that his position today as President of the Republic of Kosovo has evolved and it’s clear: No partition of Kosovo, but a border correction between Kosovo and Serbia in order to enable the union of Presevo, Bujanovic and Medveda to Kosovo”.

The second one was the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, who on August 17declared:

“I am in favour and my policy is to separate from Albanians, because if we have a territory where nobody knows who handles it and what belongs to whom, then this will always be a potential source of conflict”.

Then it was the US and Germany to somehow offer their support for Thaci’s and Vucic’s plan.

In fact, in this situation there’s a paradox. Diplomacy in Kosovo, Europe and the EU are very active, while diplomacy in Albania is almost quiet. Politicians in Tirana use terms such as “constructive dialogue”, “maturity is required”, “Ahtisaari’s package”, etc and they remind us of those Albanian politicians who, when Kosovo was getting ready to declare its independence, they still articulated old terms such as “autonomy within Serbia”.

But, it’s not only Kosovo’s political class which should speak up and react on this idea. The other part of Albanian speaking lands should react too. It’s true that Kosovo is an independent country, but Kosovo is part of the Albanian nation which was unfairly divided by Serbia with the blessing of big world powers such as England, France, Germany. While serving as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has often mentioned the big mistake that his predecessors had done, especially Foreign minister Edward Gray, when in 1913, Kosovo was given to Serbia.


Hashim Thaçi is not the only negotiating Kosovo’s borders, but the borders of the entire nation. What surprises us the most is the indifference of Albanian politicians. It’s true that we have two states, but this is one nation. Our real borders do not belong to the individual states; they belong to our nation and as a result, every inch of land belonging to Albania or Kosovo, also belong to the entire nation. So, neither Thaci, nor Rama, nor Basha, nor Berisha, nor Meta can decide on Albanian ethnic borders. This is a solution which is in the hands of the entire Albanian nation.

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