OP-ED/Everyone eager to fight crime

OP-ED/Everyone eager to fight crime

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.albanianfreepress.al

By Frrok Çupi

Everyone has joined forces in the battle against crime: majority and opposition.

All of them are “angels”. The majority remains in parliament, leading a battle through the laws that it approves, while the opposition is somewhere else. However, all of them are “angels”. After the battle, we will all be happy about the efforts that were made, without caring the least about the results.


Today’s proposal launched by the opposition for the vetting of politicians was an opportunity to unite with the government. This is a dream which comes true at least once a year. The opposition joined the government in the spring of 2017, agreeing to abandon its “battle field” and political pluralism itself. That marked the day when Albania decided to build a bipartisan system in politics, which in fact is political monism…

Now, time has come once again to convince the public that joining forces is a good thing. Now, they’re joining forces in the name of the fight against crime and this makes everyone happy. Based on the proposal launched by the opposition, from now on there will no longer be any criminalized politicians. According to the opposition, vetting for politicians is what people have been looking forward to for so long. The majority welcomed the opposition’s proposal, so everyone was happy to learn that “the angles came out on the battle field together”. Crime is now defeated.


Let us kill some time with the vetting in politics, like we did with the vetting in the justice system. Practically, the latter can be considered as a failed process. This process led to a collapse of the justice system. We no longer have a Constitutional Court, a Supreme Court and tomorrow we will not have an Appeal Court.  The goal of the vetting in the justice system was to allow the underworld to penetrate in politics. Even if we screen politicians, the whole process would be pointless without the existence of courts.


The opposition declares that the state is criminalized, that what we have today is a criminal government and that the situation in the country is very dangerous. However, the opposition lives in this country. The government has never explained what is it that has been criminalized. The state? How does the world accept this criminal state then? Has it broken its own laws? Has it voted criminal laws? These are the sort of questions which are raised after hearing “angels” of both sides claiming that the state is incriminated.


Criminals are no longer around now, because “angels” have joined forces against in the fight against crime. First of all, they do not specify the sort of crime that we’re dealing with. Is it the amount of narcotics seized during the raid in Xibraka or is it the two or three killers in Shkodra? In this case, angels minimize crime to such point that it becomes invisible.

In the end, all we can say that the real criminals are these politicians who have abused so much with power, who have not permitted people of this country to enjoy their property and assets. They’re the ones who have brought murderers and thieves in Parliament.

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