Op-Ed/Departure of intellectuals is a worrying phenomenon for Kosovo

Op-Ed/Departure of intellectuals is a worrying phenomenon for Kosovo

By Shkelzen Dakaj

Silence is dominating different intellectual forums in the country about the destiny of young intellectuals who cannot establish themselves in the political scene in Kosovo in order to offer their contribution for the consolidation of the state.

The situation is alarming, because a large part of intellectuals have been left out of decision making processes, while the country has been governed for many years by a political class which uses the vote of people to make their families richer.

Unfortunately, under these circumstances, there’s not yet a strategy or incentive in place for the involvement of these young people, who have experience and knowledge obtained in the most famous universities of the world, for the prosperity of our society.

This is a damaging vacuum for the new state, due to the fact that their involvement in politics, economy, health, culture is an imminent need, at a time when state institutions in Pristina, are demonstrating a 100% irresponsible and criminalized leadership, not able to govern and lead current processes of the country.

The involvement of these young people in different institutions would put an end to the age of failed politicians.

But what is happening? Although this elite is ready to offer its contribution in speeding up economic development and Euro Atlantic integration process in general, it’s facing obstacles that come as a result of the lack of state measures for the prevention or reduction of injustices and the lack of transparency when it comes to getting a job, a problem which is present throughout the region.

Under these circumstances, as a result of economic recession and decadence, they’re obliged to abandon the country for a new life in EU countries.

Meanwhile, those who have been lucky enough to get a job, have soon been disappointed, because they have been forced to answer to party militants, who hold high offices.

Then there’s the low salaries, the high cost of their studies and the fact that their expertise is not rewarded, although it’s necessary for economic development and progress and other fields.

Under these circumstances, they have no other choice but to pack their suitcases and look for a new job in Europe.

This status quo which continues as a result of the lack of action by competent people, must come to an end through the incentives of young intellectuals, who will make their voice, which is needed so much by the country, be heard.

The unification would appear as a new political alternative, in order to take the country out of the abyss where it’s fallen.

Without their engagement, it will be difficult for Kosovo to create a democratic state based on the rule of law, a functional economy and a professional administration; criteria which have also been demanded by the European Commission.

*The author is journalist and analyst. The opinion has been exclusively written for IBNA news agency

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