Op-Ed/Albanians cannot preserve a state which the majority doesn’t want it that way

Op-Ed/Albanians cannot preserve a state which the majority doesn’t want it that way

By Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha

Former Prime Minister and MP of the Democratic Party of Albania

The horrific images, the destroyed houses of Kumanovo, the killed and numerous wounded show the level of the savage state terror that the government of Macedonia spread in the Albanian quarters of Kumanovo.

The scale of operation, its location, the lack of transparency and the manipulation of the dramatic events by the government of Macedonia, talk about an organized scenario, from the Skopje authorities or their friends.

I might just recall that in one occasion, the armed group was presented as a group of traffickers and in another, as an Islamic terrorist group wearing black ISIS uniforms and when it came out that they lied about the uniforms, they announced it as UÇK, but this time they failed, because no Albanian factor in Kosovo, Albania or Macedonia recognizes it or supports it.

The state terror in Kumanovo didn’t come unexpected, but as a continuation of acts and open anti-Albanian position by the Macedonian authorities or Macedonian extremists, inspired by the official policies followed by Skopje.

One of these serious official acts relates to the “Monster” process, in which, as it comes out in the declarations made by the Interior minister, authorities gave life imprisonment for five Albanians on counts of five murders without any proof and this caused massive protests by Albanians in Skopje and other cities.

All of these developments indicate that Skopje has come to the conclusion that in Macedonia, in the Republic of Alexander and his lions, there can be no cohabitation with Albanians who have been there long before Olympias gave birth to Alexander or before the lions arrived in the past few years in their republic.

The reaction of the international community must be praised. They have invested a lot since the ‘90s in order to guarantee peace and stability in this country.

Calling upon Albanians to avoid every act of violence or conflict, I’d like to stress that nobody must think that Albanians can hold a state on its feet, which the majority of Macedonians, or at least their representatives in power, do not want such thing!

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