OP-ED/A drunken world and…the other one

OP-ED/A drunken world and…the other one

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and www.albanianfreepress.al

By Frrok Çupi

The “other” one is trying to come out of the “swamp”. The drunken world is not only represented by Mr. Juncker, the president of the European Commission, who appeared drunk in front of the entire world. This is the symbol of a world that can no longer move forward.

But, it’s been days that mud is being thrown against the new world order. Currently, they’re been focusing their efforts against the meeting between Trump and Putin.

Is this the only paradox?

Since assuming office at the White House, Mr. Trump has been branded as “unsuitable”. He has been attacked for his doctrine “America First”, the trade war, the idea for safe borders, the idea of a nation and stopping emigration, the idea of real governments instead of governments who lie…

The European Union, a giant bureaucratic apparatus with 33 thousand institutions, which is spending billions of euros a year, is “sick” and it’s attacking the “other” world which is in motion. Jean Claude Juncker, a drunkard and a former Nazi, is a symbol of a decadent world.

Everyone in Europe is trying to make us believe that Juncker was not drunk.


Hiding the truth in front of everyone

During the NATO summit, in a video which went viral, we saw Mr. Juncker unable to stand on his feet and unable to walk to the podium. The Ukrainian president, Poroshenko, was not being able to hold him. To his aid came Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Holland and Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal. Juncker is a 63 year old man, but he cannot stand on his feet. When he was asked by journalists, Juncker said that he suffers of “sporadic sciatic nerve pain”. Asked a few months ago about his drunken state, Juncker had said that he had a problem with the left knee. The president denied the truth in front of everyone. An entire army of EU employees appeared in press conferences and TV screens to hide the truth about the drunken president. The entire EU spends endless energies to hide reality. Like the EU, many other liberal governments of the old elite, try to conceal reality on a regular basis.


The truth becomes more destructive…

Many people are surprised about the fact that although Juncker pretends he’s in pain and not drunk, he never bites his lips from the pain. Mr. Juncker was seen smiling, full of energies and in a good mood when the dinner started, before drinking his first bottle.

Two days later, the whole world saw the EU president “run”, without feeling any pain on the legs, to a visit to China and Japan. If he suffered from the sciatic nerve, how come he could visit two states after two days?

He, who tells the truth, is punished…

Whoever has dared to say that he has seen Mr. Juncker by drinking wine or gin, was punished. Whoever dared to say that the world had seen Mr. Juncker drunk, is being punished by EU officials. Viviane Reding, member of the European Parliament and former commissioner of Luxembourg, said that “it’s a disgrace” to call Juncker drunk. Martin Selmayer, European Commission secretary and one of the people who want to replace Juncker, attacked the media who said that Juncker was drunk.

This is what is happening between the “drunken world” and the other world.

The atmosphere in Brussels reminds us of the Brezhniev period. This is what Jean Quatremer, French journalist and author of books on the EU, has written. “We (in the EU) have a bureaucratic apparatus which is the same as in the former Soviet Union and its scope is to hide important evidence”.

They do everything, they spend enormous amounts of money, they engage in propaganda, they mock us, they hide things and in the end, they cry out “democracy”.

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