OP/ED: With the head in the mouth of the German Shepherd…

OP/ED: With the head in the mouth of the German Shepherd…

Heiko Maas’s visit to Greece on Tuesday, in conjunction with the latest initiatives to launch a dialogue under the auspices of Germany, which currently holds the EU presidency, can only bring bad news.

If the information that has surfaced regarding a repetition of the “secret” meeting of Berlin with the same composition: Surani, Kalin, Hecker is taken into account, the situation becomes even more difficult.

Germany, as a leader and presiding country in the second half of 2020 of the EU, seems to want to “end” the Greek-Turkish conflict, keeping a neutral stance.

Protestant Germany is not known for being prone to emotion, which became very clear in the “illusions” of Alexis Tsipras during the economic crisis and the negotiations that followed.

Democracy and solidarity for the EU leader is a measurable quantity and the benefit/cost ratio is the catalyst in all its decisions.

The Greek-Turkish differences for Germany, according to all indications, are bilateral differences. Angela Merkel does not want to add one more problem, such as that of Greece and its differences with Turkey, to the numerous issue the EU is facing.

In addition, Turkey is an important partner of Germany, but also of the EU. Not only in the European economy, but also in immigration issue, as Turkey is the EU “warehouse” for migrants and refugees who want to seek a better tomorrow in the Old Continent.

Finally, the solution of a problem such as the Greek-Turkish ones during the German Presidency will be credited to her, confirming her hegemonic position in the EU.

In this context, with Greece without a foreign policy strategy, economically vulnerable, waiting for the EU to strengthen it financially and having lost many of her alliances, for which the Mitsotakis government is gravely responsible, is the weak link in any negotiation process.

In addition, in a possible tripartite meeting of the Director of the Diplomatic Office of the Greek Prime Minister, Eleni Sourani, with presidential spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, and the Advisor to the German Chancellor for the Balkans Jan Hecker, Greece appears to be placing her head in the mouth of the German Shepherd.

Without negotiating experience, a mid-tier diplomat, with complete ignorance of Greek-Turkish issues, such as the Director of the Diplomatic Office of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and without serious diplomatic support and strategy, it seems difficult to negotiate the Greek interests opposite an experienced diplomat, such as Erdogan’s advisor, Ibrahim Kalin, who has been dealing with Greek-Turkish for many years but also of the advisor of the German Chancellor Jan Hecker, who is known for his pro-Turkish disposition.

The Greek diplomat looks like a sheep for slaughter, unless that is what the Prime Minister’s staff is aiming at, so that before any fait accompli takes place, the Greek Prime Minister intervenes as a “savior” again and gives the solution.

A solution that is already in the mind of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in order to enter into a dialogue with Turkey on all issues, keeping his promise to both Donald Trump in January 2020 and the German Chancellor.

After all, things may get difficult in the future as in Egypt you never know what will dawn for Sisi, Erdogan’s sworn enemy, while Kyriakos Mitsotakis knows very well from his last visit to Jerusalem that the next Israeli Prime Minister Benny Gantz is not Netanyahu, and a rapprochement between Turkey and Israel will not come as a surprise.

The puzzle seems a difficult one, with all sides pressing for time. Without a strategy, at least obvious, with the lack of competent staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the removal of numerous experienced diplomats by Mmitsotakis’ former Diplomatic Director, the Greek government walks into the mouth of the German Shepherd with complete ignorance of the dangers, where unfortunately everything can happen./ibna