Op-Ed/ “Target” of the Special Prosecution

Op-Ed/ “Target” of the Special Prosecution

By Atanas Vangelov

What does the latest case that the Special Prosecution has opened, called Target, relate to? The novelty is that this prosecution has secured valid evidence that prove that the secret police continues to keep the citizens under surveillance or that this police continues to work with the government, as it is said in the report of the EU experts. This institution which is hermetically closed or continues to work with the same style and the same intensity as it has done prior to 2015, when the opposition shed light upon the truth with the publication of the wiretapping materials.

“Target” case is a mega scandal with colossal dimensions for the European democratic practices, because the secret service has kept thousands of citizens under surveillance. The scope of the surveillance was for free speech not only to be censored and paralyzed, but also for people to end up in the prison of Suto Orizari.

The country had been engulfed by silence, which had turned into a culture of communication during the past 10 years.

Even after the publication of the wiretapping materials by the opposition, the reaction of the public opinion was soft, therefore secret police continued with its wiretapping, as if nothing had happened.

In fact, there were no reactions or critical voices even by the European opinion, therefore this government decided to play other games. A large number of affairs and scandals went on quietly, without any reaction. These scandals went on without stopping, being accepted as normal developments, although in principle such phenomena are not normal for a democratic country.

Let us not forget the scandal with the deputy minister of Labor and Social Policies, Dime Spasov, who caused an accident with his official vehicle and was chased by police as it happens in the movies. But this was masterfully concealed.

A question arises after all this, why are we living in this normal abnormality and why has this abnormality turned into a daily thing?

Why are we legitimizing and helping a power which is being punished?

Why are we turning into accomplices of a criminal and violent power?

We were unable to do something against this power, even less to prevent its demonization.

*The author is a columnist in Skopje. The article has been published in his private blog