OP/ED: Politics needs enemies to survive

OP/ED: Politics needs enemies to survive

The word war can often be heard and read in recent years. A word that the vast majority of living Europeans does not know what it really means.

Perhaps the only ones who have lived in the Old Continent and have experienced war in their lifetimes are the ones in former Yugoslavia. That is why they refrain from using the word war to describe these moments.

But the same is not true of those who have not experienced war, as they use the word uninhibitedly, with politicians first and foremost among them.

Economic war, cultural war, war against an invisible enemy. The word war always jumps out of their mouth to justify their incompetence or weakness.

Inability to manage, inability to understand the problems of society and citizens.

Sheltered from wars, the new generation of politicians, those who use the term war, raised in the assurance of peace and prosperity, anchored in the interests of the few, want the subjugation of the many.

The vision is no longer a prosperous society, but a society of security from the enemy. With security always at the expense of individual freedoms, human dignity, prosperity in everyday life.

Fear and insecurity are the politicians’ best helpers in these efforts. That is why most of the time enemies need to be created. Fictitious enemies, to be dealt with. Enemies that become a vision, a driving force of semi-learned, ignorant of history and inactive citizens, who wear flags and ideologies, instead of “fighting” the real enemy that threatens their existence, the policies of politicians.

The threat of Saddam’s nuclear weapon, the existence of which was never proved, the threat of communism in the past on the one pole and capitalism on the other. The threat of Islamism, of origin, of skin color, of the different. They always indicate a threat. As is the case now, with an invisible enemy threatening human existence. A virus that poses a threat more to the economy than to humans, compared to previous epidemics that have left tens of millions dead in their wake.

According to them, China is responsible for the virus and its existence. They are to blame for everything, the Chinese, and not the public health systems, which with political decisions have been laughed at, discredited, broken down on the altar of private initiative and corporate profit.

Is it the fault of the Chinese who were late in realizing the threat, of Macron, Trump and other “leaders” who were slow to react to reduce the losses in human lives?

No. No one individual is to blame for this fiasco; but rather politicians and their policies, which for years now refuse to see the value of human life. Unable to offer a vision of dignity in life, they continuously refuse to take responsibility for wrong choices.

Someone else is always to blame, and there is no one to blame there is the “invisible” or even a visible fake enemy.

Politicians “benefit” from the enemies, citizens also “benefit” by the isolation that has nothing to do with restrictive measures, as they easily use the attack of the enemy as an excuse to hide in their microcosm, as usual, by “hiding their heads deep in the sand” to exorcise the danger posed by the enemy. Surrendering the right to live their life./ibna