Op-Ed/Economic Treaty between Kosovo and Albania

Op-Ed/Economic Treaty between Kosovo and Albania

By Muhamer Pajaziti

At a time when the possibility of the signing of a Peace Treaty between Kosovo and Serbia is being discussed, I am convinced that the debate should focus more on the signing of a Treaty between Albania and Kosovo.

With the political will of both countries, this act would be easily feasible if one was to follow the European integration model. The implementation of this document could be achieved with the help of Albanian experts in different fields in both countries.

The basis of this cooperation should focus first on the economy and then over time on foreign policy, security and justice issues.

The economic treaty would include lowering or abolishing customs duties on imports and exports and other payments having equivalent effect to customs duties, the prohibition of quantitative restrictions on imports and exports between the two countries, the liberalization of trade in goods, the liberalization of services, capital. etc. These would be the general provisions, while the specifications for each sector of the economy would be made through other legal acts, regulations or directives similar to those applied within the European Union.

Liberalization of the trade in goods would enable each producer in these two countries to have a potential market of 6 million consumers, enabling them to fully exploit an economy of this volume. What’s more, consumers will also be free to shop where they will be offered the best and cheapest rates.

On the other hand, liberalization of services would increase the competition between the companies of the two countries, which in turn will force them to provide better quality, better services and more affordable prices. As a result, this would increase their ability to compete in regional and international markets.

With the right to set up companies, branches or subsidiaries, in either country, companies in both countries could expand their economic activity. Whereas the right to employment would allow companies access to human resources in both countries without having to deal with administrative bureaucracy.

The implementation of this Treaty would be guaranteed by the Establishment of the Albanian Court of Justice which would interpret and apply the provisions of the Treaty. In this way, natural and legal persons unable to exercise their rights would turn to the Court, whose decisions will have supremacy over the domestic courts and laws of Kosovo and Albania.

This would eliminate the current practice where hundreds of agreements have been signed between the two countries in the economic, justice, security and other fields, but unfortunately have never been implemented.

In the field of foreign policy, however, some more symbolic actions could be implemented, which would foresee a joint diplomacy with the opening of joint embassies for both countries in friendly countries.

Whereas, in the field of security and justice issues, the military, as well as police cooperation would deepened and become more substantial.

After the full implementation of the Treaty on economic issues, the possibility of deepening this integration would open up, leading to a political union. For this purpose the moment and time will have to be found.

This whole project should not be undertaken based on false folklore and patriotism, as is the case now, in order to escape the current problems in both countries, but with concrete will, work and commitment.

This plan would be a parade of two states on their way to the European Union./ibna