One year the after the elections the BiH Parliament elected a new Council of Ministers Chairman

One year the after the elections the BiH Parliament elected a new Council of Ministers Chairman

The House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly has confirmed the appointment of Zoran Tegeltija for Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Twenty-eight MPs voted in favour, eight against, while two abstained from voting.

Tegeltija presented his work program today to the members of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, emphasizing that he is committed to forming a Council as soon as possible, whose task will be implementing reforms aimed at addressing citizens’ daily issues.

He announced that he would respect the rule of law, the provisions of the Constitution of BiH, as well as competencies of all levels of government in BiH, adding that he is aware of the task ahead of him. He also emphasized that it is now necessary to work as much as possible since it has been more than a year since elections were held.

Tegeltija said that he would contribute to accelerating the reform process, but also made clear that his program was not the work program of the Council of Ministers, but rather guidelines.

“We do not have the right to 100 days, so it is necessary to immediately unblock processes, adopt a budget and make investment funds available to the entities”, Tegeltija added, while also announcing that the first session of the Council of Ministers will discuss socio-economic reforms supported in both BiH entities.

Among the priorities that will be the focus, he highlighted the implementation of 14 key recommendations from the European Commission’s Opinion, in order for BiH to get candidate status for EU membership as soon as possible.

He pointed out that the BiH Council of Ministers will focus on the social and security challenges faced by citizens who, so far, have not been provided with adequate help.

He, therefore, said that the focus of his work would be economy, public administration reform, EU integration, the rule of law, improving relations within BiH and with international financial institutions, the migrant crisis, refugees, youth and women as well as other vulnerable social groups.

The new Council of Ministers Chairman stressed that the level of investment in BiH is low and that the private sector faces difficulties in remaining competitive, and the fact that there is no progress in the field of research and innovation is worrying.

He believes that it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of the economy, in order to protect the domestic economy. Tegeltija also concluded that he is ready to implement reforms harmonized with both entities that will have sustainable and accelerated economic growth, reducing the tax burden on labour in order to strengthen a single economic development./ibna