Alexis Tsipras: Greece should threaten the EU with a veto-Impose sanctions on Turkey

Alexis Tsipras: Greece should threaten the EU with a veto-Impose sanctions on Turkey

Alexis Tsipras, in an interview with Mega TV, called for a veto at the European Council as well as more pressure for sanctions to be imposed on Turkey. As he stressed, the Greek Government should request from the European partners to decide on tangible assistance to Greece and solidarity in the distribution of refugees.

He went on to blame the Government for tolerating a policy that turns Greece into a “black box” and a “prison of souls”. “To internationalize something does not mean to simply inform, but to go out and claim something”, he underlined, stressing that the Government should insist on sanctions against Turkey, even with a veto.

He further criticized Kyriakos Mitsotakis for not convening the Council of Political Leaders, reiterating SYRIZA’s desire to “back up” a national plan in order to address the refugee issue but also to add pressure to Europe, expressing concern that Greece was facing a dead-end.

Furthermore, he fired shots at the European leadership. “These devastated people do not come to stay in Lesvos and Lemnos, but to make it to Europe. What do Europeans do? They pat us on the shoulder and tell us that the problem lies at the patrolling of the border, while in reality it is the demonstration of actual solidarity”, he said.

He accused the Prime Minister of handing over a communication gift to the officials who travelled to Evros on Tuesday, “because it was like identifying with the tough ones of Europe; Visegrad, Austria and those who closed their borders in 2015”.

“For seven months now, the New Democracy government has been moving without a strategy”, he said, stressing that Greece was facing a “massive geopolitical coercion from the Turkish side which the Government should have foreseen, while it should have also moved forward with the depressurization of the islands”. /ibna