Ombudsman: Rising discontent toward institutions

Ombudsman: Rising discontent toward institutions

kopje, June 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

In a report published recently, the Ombudsman declared that discontent has risen among citizens of FYR Macedonia about the state of the judiciary system, state of prisons, consumer rights, social rights and police behavior.

The head of the Ombudsman office, Ixhet Mehmeti declared today that last year, there were 4 thousand complaints addressed to this institution and these complaints are of different natures.

“The majority of complaints relate to the judiciary system, but citizens also have claims on properties, state of prisons, work related complaints, pension contributions, social contributions and the bad behavior of police toward the citizens”, said Mehmeti.

According to him, the complaints have been filed by citizens of different communities.

Mehmeti says that the situation with prisons is the most alarming one, especially in the prison of “Izdrovo” in Skopje, which it’s said to have a large number of inmates, dire conditions, lack of hygiene, non quality food and lack of basic health care.

The Ombudsman has also expressed his concerns about the behavior of police with the Roma community, who are deprived of their freedom of movement in border crossing points. Based on the report, the members of this community are not permitted to go abroad, with unofficial justification that their intent is to seek asylum in western European countries.

The report also expresses concerns about the fact that individuals have had their personal bank accounts frozen, due to their debts toward the state, the fact that businesses have had their accounts frozen along with their activities.

The Ombudsman emphasizes that the majority of people complain about their social status, because in most cases, their social allowance is delayed. /ibna/