Ombudsman criticizes the government on the approach with refugees

Ombudsman criticizes the government on the approach with refugees

Skopje, 22 June 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The Ombudsman has addressed criticism against the government’s approach for refugees. The spokeswoman of this institution, Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa declared that the current situation shows a flagrant violation of the rights of refugees.

“During the constant visits in the locations where they have been placed, the Ombudsman has continuously identified violations in legal procedures. The Ministry of Interior tries to stop any attempts for asylum amd temporary protection in the first category of refugees. Meanwhile, refugees that belong to the second category are being deported without respecting any legal procedures. What’s more terrible is the fact that no official evidence is kept for these people and among them there are sick people, pregnant women, unacompanied minoers, etc”, said Bajramovska Mustafa.

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the association of young lawyers and with the support of LEGIS, La Strada and Helsinki Committee, the Ombudsman has submited an incentive to amend the law on asylum and temporary protection. /