Oliver Ivanovic ‘killed for political reasons’

Oliver Ivanovic ‘killed for political reasons’

The murder of the Serb politician from Kosovo Oliver Ivanovic was “planned in a professional manner and had political background”; “Oliver was definitely liquidated for political reasons as he was considered an obstacle due to his political views”, said Ivanovic’s brother and Kosovo’s Court of Appeal judge, Miroslav Ivanovic.

Miroslav Ivanovic told Danas daily that he does not have any information about the judicial process with regard to the murder of his brother. “This process takes place mostly in the public sphere”, said Ivanovic.

Oliver Ivanovic, leader of the Civic Initiative “Serbia, Democracy, Justice”, was killed seven months ago in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica. His party colleagues say the perpetrators of the crime are still unknown.

When asked whether his brother was killed as a possible opponent to the division of Kosovo or the demarcation between Kosovo and Serbia, Miroslav Ivanovic said that such a scenario was “quite possible”. “When it comes to making conclusions, I am a pretty reserved person. However, Oliver really did have a different approach as regards the division and demarcation and he had said so on many occasions. That could be seen on the Internet, especially in videos of the second half of 2017”.

Last week, the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic revealed that he strives for the demarcation with Kosovo seeing it as the solution to the dispute. At the same time, Vucic and his political allies, including pro-government media, fiercely criticised all those who oppose such an approach, accusing them of being traitors ant thieves, among other things.

Miroslav Ivanovic said that the truth about the assassination of his brother could become the object of “political trade between Belgrade, Pristina and the international community”. In his words, Kosovo’s judiciary is capable of resolving the case. However, the case “has not yet reached the Kosovo judiciary”, Ivanovic added.

“Police and prosecutors have to finish their part of the job… The only necessary thing is their will to do so”, Ivanovic concluded.…. / IBNA

Main Photo (File): Murdered Serbian politician from Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic