US official demands a solution to the political crisis in FYROM

US official demands a solution to the political crisis in FYROM

Skopje, April 17, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

American Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Hoyt Yee has demanded a solution to the political crisis based on democratic and constitutional principles.

“The government and its partners must be engaged to solve the crisis based on democratic principles and the Constitution, but there must also be inquiries on possible abuses with power”, underlined the US senior official, who has arrived to FYROM for a two day official visit.

According to him, this crisis has its aspects and different approaches, but he said that he has talked to PM Gruevski about the importance of overcoming the crisis, about the responsibility of the government and respect of basic democratic values and Constitution.

Mr Yee underlined that the situation with the wiretapping affair and the potential violations from authorities, must be solved in a legal way. The US official also called on the opposition to return to parliament.

“We agreed that the crisis should be solved in a legal way. This is an important aspect which must be respected. We have encouraged the government and its institutions to undertake steps in order to verify if the accusations of the opposition leader are true, including allegations for corrupted officials, government influence over the media and judicial system, but also the possibility of electoral fraud”, declared the senior US official Hoyt Yee. /ibna/