Official cars being used for the electoral campaign

Official cars being used for the electoral campaign

Pristina, October 9, 2013

Although the law doesn’t allow the use of official cars for the electoral campaign, this is in fact the case. Senior officials of parties in power are holding electoral activities with official vehicles although this is forbidden.

This is being done by many of the current heads of communes. Civil society says that official cars are more and more misused during the electoral campaign.

Basri Musmurati, secretary of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) said that Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and his ministers have not used up until now the official vehicles for the purposes of electoral campaign, but according to him, sometimes a local official may have done this.

“The use of official cars for party activities is the same as abusing with the post”, says executive director of “Speak” movement, Petrit Zogaj.

Meanwhile, the head of the electoral staff of LDK, Vjosa Osmani said that the current mayor of Pristina is only using the cars of the party. “It’s a fact that can be confirmed by you as a media as to how mayor Mustafa has always used the cars of LDK or his personal vehicle for the electoral campaign”, said she. /ibna/