We will offer support for people suffering from the Down Syndrome, says president Jahjaga

We will offer support for people suffering from the Down Syndrome, says president Jahjaga

Pristina, March 20, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

“People affected by the Down Syndrome have their own features, like we all have. We’re all unique. Our differences are the values that we  bring to society.  This is why a healthy society is that society which recognizes, protects and promotes the values of all of its citizens.”

These were the words of the president of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga in the fund raiser organized by “Down Syndrome Kosova” society.

The president said that “the people affected by the down syndrome may offer their contribution in society, like all others and we have the obligation to offer them this opportunity”.

“I’m convinced that altogether, like we’re today, by expressing our commitment and civil and institutional obligation, will be able to take all the necessary steps to respond to the needs of people affected by the down syndrome, in order to guarantee them the necessary care”, Jahjaga declared.

President Jahjaga stressed the fact that every year, 18 to 35 children in Kosovo are born with the down syndrome.

“We hold their happiness in our hands. We must not impose them restrictions. Their life is determined by our expectations. We must be open-minded  and not allow for their future to be compromised”, she said.

Albanian actors who voluntarily participated in this fundraiser answered phone calls from people who wanted to donate for those who are affected by this syndrome, while present in the fundraiser were 300 people, who contributed a minimum amount of 50 Euros.

All participants called for help in order to build a center which will offer services for the community of people affected by the Down Syndrome. Besides money, callers have also offered their work, as it was the case with architects or even construction materials offered by many companies. /ibna/