October 25, Day of the Romanian Army

October 25, Day of the Romanian Army


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

Romania celebrates each year, on October 25, the Day of the Romanian Army, which was created under Decree 381 of October 1, 1959, when the previous Romanian Armed Forces Day was switched from October 2 to October 25.

October 25, 1944, the Romanian Army Day, signifies the date of complete liberation of north-western Transylvania from foreign ruling and administration. This was the only strategic national objective actually achieved by the Romanian Army in WWII that was judicially recognised in Article 2 of the Peace Treaty between Romania and the Allied and Associated Powers concluded on February 10, 1947.

The liberation of the entire national territory of Romania was achieved by the heroic fights of over 525,000 fully employed troops between August 23 and October 25, 1944. Nearly 58,000 of them were killed or injured. Losses incurred on the enemy stood at 89,934 troops, 76,275 of whom were taken prisoners.

The liberation of north-western Romania did not mean an end to the fights of the Romanian Army, which continued in the war against Fascism alongside the United Nations powers for the liberation of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria throughout the final victory.

“Once they reached the 1940 border, our divisions were ready for new efforts and new fights alongside our great allies until the total defeat of the German and Magyar forces”, the Romanian Army Major Staff wrote in a release of October 25, 1944.

On October 25 we celebrate the Romanian Armed Forces Day. Romania’s Army takes part with 1,405 servicemen in various international humanitarian missions or in missions meant to combat terrorism or to support peace.

A number of 1,319 servicemen work under the NATO aegis, whose member Romania has been since March 29, 2004. The most numerous presence of Romania abroad is in Afghanistan (1,027 servicemen).

President, Traian Basescu, sent a message on the occasion of the Day of the Romanian Army, stating that the Romanian soldiers do their duty according to the values and principles of a democratic system, proving that the Army has gained a well-deserved place among the military forces of the world.

“Today we pay homage to the Day of the Romanian Army. It’s a day with a resonance especially in the Romanian people’s conscience and history, when we celebrate an event which is a symbol of national fulfillment, the day when our troops liberated in 1944, animated by their love for the country, the last swath of land in Transylvania after being occupied following the Vienna Diktat”, Basescu said in his message addressed to the military and the veterans.

“Today is the Romanian Armed Forces Day, the moment when we think of people who risked and risk their lives for our liberty as well as of the great Romanians of the past who gave everything to their native country. Happy Anniversary to the Romanian Army and hats off to our heroes!”, writes Premier Victor Ponta on Facebook.

“On the National Day of the Romanian Army my message speaks of gratitude and admiration for all people under arms, for their families, who support them in everything they do, for the entire body of the Romanian Army, be they in active service or in reserve. I assure the representatives of the national military institution of the entire appreciation Romania’s Senate and myself give to Romania’s Army, to all Romanian servicemen. Happy Anniversary!”, President of the Senate, Crin Antonescu, wrote on a social network too.

Source: Agerpres