Number of foreign emigrants to Albania goes up

Number of foreign emigrants to Albania goes up

Tirana, 14 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albania is not only seen as a country of emigrants. Now there’s a growing tendency of people from poorer countries to move to the small Balkan countries.

A report from the CD Institute states that the majority of foreign emigrants arriving in the Albanian territory are from Afghanistan (68). There are also refugees from Morocco and Syria (namely 62 and 63).

The number which is over 300 emigrants, is three times higher than previous years, namely 106 in 2015 and 134 in 2014.

The majority of emigrants have declared to Albanian authorities that they have been encouraged to arrive to Albania and look for a new life there as emigrants, due to the continuous wars and political conflicts in regions such as Middle East or Africa.

Some say that the number of foreign emigrants who want to come to Albania has grown, as they have initially wanted to use Albania as a transit path to cross to EU member countries, but when they have been unable to, they have decided to stay in the country. /