Number of drug users in Kosovo grows

Number of drug users in Kosovo grows

Pristina, 27 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo counts around 3000 drug users and the majority of them are young ages. Meanwhile, police have registered 937 drug users. 185 of them have been registered this year alone.

This statistic was made public in the conference organized by Kosovo Police and Ministry of Interior in cooperation with OSCE on the World Day against Drug Abuse and Traffic.

Deputy Minister of Interior, Nehat Mustafa said that Kosovo Police is not able to fully reduce the demand for narcotic substances.

He said that more awareness campaigns must be held to prevent this negative phenomenon.

“We believe that time has come to hold awareness campaigns which will reduce demand with the involvbement of all the mechanisms of society in Kosovo”, he said.

Meanwhile, Shpresa Mulliqi of OSCE said that the drug is not produced in Kosovo and that Kosovo acts as a transit country.

“Drugs are not produced in Kosovo, but Kosovo is one of the transit points of these drugs which are produced in Afghanistan and which are then transported to Europe through the Balkans”, she said.

Meanwhile, lieutenant Bajram Nuhiu of the Office for the Investigation of Narcotics  said that the use of drugs in Kosovo has started to see a rise since the period of transition.

“16 years ago, drugs in Kosovo were something which was only known through the media. Unfortunately, during the transition period, it started to be recognized as a phenomenon”, Nuhiu said. /