The novelties of the weapons’ bill in Albania

The novelties of the weapons’ bill in Albania

IBNA Analysis/The first bills of the Package for Public Security, drafted by the Ministry of Interior, are being presented in the past few days in Albania. The first bill is the Weapons bill. A detailed analysis on Albania’s major objective, to regulate the situation with the lawful weapons and the removal of unlawful weapons which are widely spread among the Albanian population

By Saimir Tahiri

Minister of Interior Affairs of Albania

The new law on weapons, regulates all subjects that are entitled to hold weapons and above all, it regulates the ownership of weapons.

Up until today, under the old law, the right of ownership was exclusive to the state. All subjects which could be supplied with weapons, were supplied with weapons which belonged to the state, but this was an undeserved burden for the state.

Meanwhile, the new law on the right of ownership of the weapon is based on the EU directive. Up until yesterday, the weapon was property of the state and the subject was the user, who was entitled to have a weapon. Today, the weapon is property of every subject entitled to own a weapon. This is a directive of the European Union, which is mandatory for the Albanian state. This doesn’t mean that the right to own weapons will be liberalized, but what will be liberalized is the ownership on weapons.

The new bill applies tougher criteria on the ownership of weapons. These are criteria which were not found in the current law, such as the age, 22 years old, physical and mental health medical certification in order to be entitled to own a weapon, the test for the use of narcotic substances. The person owning the weapon must have not had previous convictions and must have never manifested violent resistance toward State Police. The person must have never been involved in police reports or been convicted for blood feud, or domestic violence. The person must not be a debtor to the state. The owner of the weapon must also verify his identity and during this time, the close family circle should have been law abiding.

Under the new law, it’s necessary for the owner of the weapon to have theoretical and practical certified knowledge of the weapon. There will be special or mandatory preliminary course, for those who apply to be supplied with a weapon.

The new law removed the two types of weapons considered to be as warfare weapons, such as Kalashnikov and TT hand gun. Under the new law, nobody will be entitled to own for civil use, including State Police, weapons which are technically considered as warfare weapons. These weapons will only be used by the military. This means that for civil purposes,  State Police, security companies or private police services will no longer be allowed to use such weapons which have a maximum destruction potential, such as Kalashnikov or other warfare weapons, including the TT hand gun.

Under the existing law, the authorization covered the possession of the weapon at home, outside, at work and so one.

With the new law, authorizations are multiple.

Based on the current law, judges, MPs, heads of communes and mayors, used to be supplied with weapons. This bill removes this right and makes them equal to all citizens who are entitled to be issued with an  authorization to own a weapon.

The law on weapons is a step forward in meeting European standards in relation to the ownership and possession of weapons. /ibna/