North Macedonia: Zaev and Ahmetti reach an agreement on the governing coalition

North Macedonia: Zaev and Ahmetti reach an agreement on the governing coalition

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, after meeting in Parliament with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, said he had a successful meeting and reaffirmed the framework for the future governing coalition and the government, which for the next four years will operate with the sole purpose of serving the interests of the citizens. The agreement, according to Zaev, will be put to a vote earlier by the supreme bodies of both parties, and the SDSM will do the same before the DUI as a future partner.

“I am honored to be prime minister for a four-year term. We will abolish the Przin government, for which the VMRO-DPMNE also gave its support. In the last hundred days before the election, as prime minister, he will be a coalition partner in the government”, Zaev said.

“The idea for this solution was to bring our citizens closer together and not to push them away”, Ahmeti explained of the solution, which means that in the last hundred days, instead of a caretaker prime minister, there will be a prime minister from the DUI. Ahmeti praised Zaev’s courage in accepting an Albanian prime minister in the last 100 days of government.

“These are years of courageous decisions and courageous decisions are made only by brave people”, Ahmeti said.

Zaev was pleased that the agreement was reached at the beginning of the government negotiations, due to the need to quickly put into operation the country’s key institutions. He then presented the principles of the coalition government he would be leading for a full four-year term.

Recruitment will be guided by the principles of equality for all and equal participation of men and women. No ministers will be appointed without a portfolio, with the exception of deputy prime ministers. Wages will increase and investments will be made in new jobs, in regional development, to attract foreign investment. We will fight non-selectively and in depth to combat crime and corruption at all levels, the judiciary will be liquidated and each official’s earnings and capital will be controlled in accordance with the best European practices. Efforts will be made to reduce employee benefits. Environmental protection will be one of the top priorities of the government.

Zaev and Ahmeti also agreed on policies that provide the strengthening of inspection services and higher sanctions for polluters. Among the authorities, Zaev mentioned that the abolition of the Przin government, the change of the electoral model, the reduction of the administration by 20% and all the employees under the Framework Agreement will constitute top priorities for the next six months. According to him, the bills will be submitted to Parliament jointly with prior coordination and there will be a set day for their submission.

These principles, Zaev said, will translate into a joint government program. He thanked Ahmeti for the “greatness, patience and wisdom” he has invested in the agreement, stressing that the principle remains that any citizen of any national group can participate in any function of the state, including the prime minister.

Ahmeti expressed confidence that today’s decision will be welcomed by citizens and partners in the international community.

“It is very important that the current coalition is based on sound foundations and contributes to all processes in the country”.

“I am convinced that today we have done a very good job and that we will serve all our citizens, that this coalition and cooperation for the next four years will be among the most successful”, Ahmeti said.

“When elections take place, all political party leaders must feel equal. As Ahmeti showed greatness, I came to the conclusion that the SDSM should show it as well, so we agreed that a candidate to be appointed by the DUI as caretaker Prime Minister would come to office for those 100 days before the election”, said Zaev. “So that every citizen knows they have the same rights in this country, every citizen can vote and be elected”, Zaev said.

As for the Ministries, Zaev asked for patience until tomorrow to confirm these decisions in the party institutions. He stressed that the coalition agreement is guided by the principle of responsible and honest people and expects the reaction of the citizens to be positive. The rotation of the Ministries has not been agreed, the one who will take the responsibility for a specific Ministry will lead it to the end, said Zaev, basically confirming that specific Ministries have been assigned to specific individuals.

“It was a legal right to have a candidate for prime minister. If we are all trapped in our positions, we will never find a solution for the sake of the citizens. The past must be left behind. I believe we have achieved our goal to send a message to the citizens, whether Albanians or Macedonians. This means that we are one step closer to boosting confidence in our community”, Ahmeti said when asked how he explained that he had not received what he had promised in the election, that is, an Albanian prime minister.

“Relationships between partners are built on mutual trust”, Zaev said. He confirmed that the next President of the Assembly will again be Talat Xhaferi. As for the rest of the positions, he announced that they will be ready for announcements tomorrow night. /ibna