North Macedonia: VMRO-DPMNE resolution supported by SDSM, DOM, LDP and DS, while the Albanian bloc abstains

North Macedonia: VMRO-DPMNE resolution supported by SDSM, DOM, LDP and DS, while the Albanian bloc abstains

Following the support of the VMRO-DPMNE resolution on the national red lines of Northern Macedonia, which was supported by the parties SDSM, DOM, LDP and DS, also entered the discussion by the parties of the Albanian bloc. The DUI demands harmonization of the text between all parliamentary parties, while the AA (Alliance for Albanians) and the Alternative await debate in Parliament.

However, both the ruling DUI and the opposition coalition Alliance for Albanians (AA) and Alternative have stated that care must be taken so that the resolution does not damage the course of the country’s European integration.

The problem for AA and Alternativa is that DUI and SDSM do not have a common position on the resolution.

“There is a problem. We had a statement by Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani that this resolution harms the country’s international relations, but we also had a statement by SDSM MP Kostadinov that this resolution is good. It would make sense for the ruling parties to have a common position, said Halil Snopce of the AA and Alternative coalitions, urging the government to be careful.

“It is important for us that North Macedonia continues the accession process, for the government and the society as a whole to continue the efforts for EU accession, that is the main goal. The government must be careful in both talks and reforms.

“Good relations in the region are very important for us and, consequently, with Bulgaria,” Snopche said.

According to the coordinator of the DUI parliamentary group Arbr Ademi, it is necessary to harmonize the resolution between all parliamentary parties as a guarantee that the text will not harm the country’s path to the EU. He believes that nothing to the contrary should be done with EU accession.

“DUI believes that linguistic, historical and cultural identity is not a matter of debate and is not a matter of political negotiation. Therefore, we appreciate the need to harmonize the text of the resolution between all parliamentary parties and to ensure that it does not hurt our pace towards the EU, Ademi said yesterday after a meeting with MP Antonio Milososki from VMRO-DPMNE.

The Deputy Prime Minister for the Fight against Corruption and General Secretary of the SDSM, Ljupco Nikolovski from Berovo, stated that his party will support any resolution or statement that protects the macedonian language and identity. However, Nikolovski reminded that this generation, after three decades of discussions and promising Euro-Atlantic integration, took the right step – bringing the country to NATO with a preserved identity, language and all macedonian. Our flag, Nikolovski added, is waving in Brussels and the prime minister was sitting with his colleagues and presidents at a table at which we also have a voice.

“It is becoming clear that we all protect the language and the identity and everything that is macedonian. This is not an issue at all and the resolution does not need to be challenged at all. We will support the resolution. We believe that all the procedures will be completed in Parliament and, therefore, we confirm that neither the language, nor the particularities, nor the identity were put on the table or negotiated during this period. The big world leaders sent a message from Ohrid a few days ago and concluded that our country meets all the conditions for everything we need to do and that the European Union must solve the problem internally for this brake we have. However, in no case will it be related to the issue of language and identity and what is macedonian and what has been confirmed”, Nikolovski said.

VMRO-DPMNE expressed the hope that the SDSM would remain consistent with what was said and would support the resolution, without trying to stop it and stop it through parliamentary procedures. He reminded that it contains the red lines that protect the identity.

“VMRO-DPMNE continues to unite and lead Northern Macedonia towards national unity and prosperity. The resolution we have proposed, which is the fruit of the common positions of MANU, UKIM and MOC – OA, will protect the national red lines, around which there should be no compromise. This resolution reflects the attitude of the people. It is time for Northern Macedonia to stop the bad diplomacy of the bazaar. It is time for foreign policy stability. “The time has come for Northern Macedonia for all people,” VMRO-DPMNE said in a statement.

The resolution is still being drafted and VMRO-DPMNE in recent days has been pressuring the parliamentary parties to accept it./ibna