North Macedonia: The new government was elected with 62 votes

North Macedonia: The new government was elected with 62 votes

The new government of North Macedonia was elected with 62 votes shortly before midnight on Sunday. Fifty one deputies voted against while no one abstained.

The new Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his last speech before the vote said that the new cabinet will serve honestly and responsibly and will serve all citizens.

“There is a lot of hatred, a lot of bad blood, there is no need for that. I want to cooperate and I will do everything to cooperate with the opposition on issues of interest to the state and the citizens. In this way we will serve them better. We are used to you, as you have been acting for the last three years, and we will continue to do the same if you do not change. If you still do not have a position on any issue for the country and continue to claim that black is white and white is black”, Zaev said, recalling that in September 2021 North Macedonia will mark 30 years of independence, the day that President Gligorov and Prime Minister Kljusev stood united in their wishes.

“Let us defeat evil and hatred, as the people expect. Power, fame and fortune from fame and money – not my ideal. My ideal is to be happy in a country with happy citizens. The citizens have the right to the dreams of their lives and we have an obligation to make them come true”, Zaev said, thanking the citizens for their support.

The new Prime Minister promised that the new government will be characterized by courage, wisdom, diligence and honesty, mainly at home and exclusively in the interest of all citizens of North Macedonia. According to him, the country, which is now a member of NATO and has the decision to negotiate with the EU, with commitment and joint work will have institutions that everyone will be proud of. He announced his full commitment to the economy, strengthening of the economic model, prospects for young people in the private sector, and attracting as much foreign investment as possible.

“A stable political period is ahead, a decisive and irreconcilable struggle against the black economy, crime and corruption, an effective, transparent and accountable legal system”, Zaev promised.

According to him, a stable political period is coming, calling on young people to stay at home and not go abroad.

The Prime Minister also referred to the legal system, which he said must be efficient, transparent, fair and accountable.

“The fight against crime as a whole and corruption in the country will be one of the first and most important issues. The law should apply to everyone and officials should be the most accountable”, Zaev said.

Ahead of the vote, VMRO-DPMNE’s Timcho Mucunski, on behalf of the entire parliamentary group, said the new government could not be trusted, adding that the country was at a crossroads and we had to decide where to go.

According to him, the old government failed to create the right conditions for the smooth development of North Macedonia, failed to respond to the way citizens pay their general expences, how to provide a carefree childhood to their children.

During the two-day debate, opposition lawmakers mainly criticized the old ruling SDSM-DUI coalition for poor performance over the past three years in fighting corruption, the rule of law, immigration prevention, the state of the economy and tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. He predicted that the new government would have a short-term effect due to a fragile majority, while the program was assessed as unrealistic.

The government MPs, on the other hand, stressed that in the recent period they have taken difficult, important and state decisions in the interest of both the citizens and the state, that they have removed the last obstacle from the course of European integration, brought the country to NATO and began negotiations with the EU./ibna