North Macedonia: The first Afghan refugees arrived

North Macedonia: The first Afghan refugees arrived

The first group of citizens from Afghanistan arrived today at Skopje International Airport in North Macedonia, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani announced on Twitter.

” This evening, North Macedonia welcomes the first group of Afghan refugees. It is a humanist act but also our obligation to provide these people a safe harbor. We stand with our Allies and we are committed regarding humanitarian emergencies.”

Earlier, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said the number of Afghans working to be admitted to international organizations in the country had fluctuated due to the situation in Kabul and citizens should be calm because there was no basis for security and health in part of this operational action.

“There have been confirmations for about 780 people, but due to the events in Kabul and the inability of people to leave there and complete this mission, that number is constantly fluctuating. Both the Ministry of Interior and the National Security Service and the Intelligence Service are taking all measures in terms of security and the citizens can be calm, because we have no reason to violate security in this area of ​​operational action. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health undertakes all its activities and responsibilities arising from the protection of the health of the population, especially now in coronavirus conditions. “Appropriate health care and vaccination will be offered to those who have not been vaccinated,” Spasovski said.

He clarified that the people who will come to the country will be accommodated in hotels and motels, as previously announced./ibna