North Macedonia: The first 3,000 doses of “Sputnik V” arrive at Skopje airport

North Macedonia: The first 3,000 doses of “Sputnik V” arrive at Skopje airport

The first shipment of Russian “Sputnik V” vaccines arrived at Skopje airport on Sunday afternoon. The delegation was welcomed at the airport by the Minister of Health of North Macedonia Venko Filipce and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the country Sergey Bazdnikin.

The vaccines, a total of 3,000, which came in suitable packaging will be stored at -18 to -20 degrees, in the facilities where the infrastructure has been prepared with the special refrigerators. According to Minister Filipce, the vaccination will probably start on Wednesday.

This is the first amount of 3,000 doses, which will ensure the continuation of the immunization process that has already begun in the country, said today the Minister of Health Venko Filipce after his arrival at the Skopje International Airport.

According to Filipce, 200,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine are expected, of which a certain amount may come in a short time, but it has not yet been confirmed exactly when.

The Minister pointed out that in the coming days they will continue the intensive communication in order to discuss and organize the dynamics of the arrival of the next quantities.

The vaccine is a 0.5 ml frozen solution, for one user, and will be stored in refrigerators in the “Jane Sandanski” area. The shipment was received via the DHL service from Moscow to Belgrade, with some quantities arriving for Serbia, along with these 3,000 for North Macedonia.

“These are vaccines that are different in terms of vaccination and re-vaccination, which means that all these doses will be used for the first dose. The immunization process continues in the field of health professionals, as indicated for the citizens, as is stipulated in the national vaccination plan”, said Filipce.

He thanked the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the North Republic of Macedonia, Sergey Bazdnikin, for his personal commitment to bring these quantities to the country as soon as possible.

Ambassador Bazdnikin stated that he is convinced that this will be very important for the salvation of human lives, but also for the return of the economy of North Macedonia to a development course.

“We are always ready to help the citizens of North Macedonia with whom we enjoy centuries of traditional friendship and share common values. We have a very constructive cooperation with the government of the Republic of North Macedonia and we are ready to expand it to new areas based on equality and mutual respect of interests”, the ambassador said.

According to Bazdnikin, Sputnik is known to be the first vaccine against Covid-19 recorded in the world. He said the vaccine is completely safe and effective and has now become the world’s bestseller.

“With North Macedonia, the vaccine has been given to 46 countries in the world, including several countries in the European Union. A rapid process is now under way at the European Medicines Agency to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine based on the results of previous laboratory tests and research. The WHO is considering the request to include Sputnik in the list of WHO-approved medicines for use in emergencies”, the ambassador added.

He wished good health to everyone and to the brave doctors and medical staff of Macedonia a quick victory in the fight against a pandemic in which, as he pointed out, this Russian vaccine will be a valuable weapon./ibna