North Macedonia: The battle for the formation of a coalition government has just begun

North Macedonia: The battle for the formation of a coalition government has just begun

The “battle” for the formation of a new government officially began after yesterday’s meeting of the Assembly. Both SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski are vying for a majority of 61 deputies.

According to Zaev, all options are open, while Mickoski is in a similar position.

The Constitution stipulates that the President of the state within ten days from the convergence of the Assembly will assign the mandate for the composition of the Government to the candidate of the party, ie the parties that have the majority in Parliament. The appointed Prime Minister, within 20 days from the day of the assignment of the mandate, submits a program to the Assembly and proposes the composition of the government. The government, on the proposal of the appointed prime minister and based on the program, elects the assembly by a majority of the total number of deputies.

“I am convinced that we will be able to form a stable and successful government with a four-year mandate. We base it on numbers. We will listen to the views and based on them we will move forward. Citizens need a serious approach, not calculations and fulfillment of the agenda of some”, Zaev said yesterday and added that he expects results from the negotiations in the next ten to 15 days.

Many MPs, Zaev believes, will support the formation of a government, given that the majority in Parliament is broad and urges for nationalism to be put in the margin.

“As of today, we are starting negotiations for a full four-year term that will bring us a four-year government ready for work. Let time show with whom we can form a coalition and the first parliamentary majority to form a government. The SDSM-led coalition could form a government with the DUI and the Alliance and the Alternative. It depends on the removal of nationalism, it depends on a whole process for the purification of the judiciary, the audit of property, the funds of every politician and official who will be elected, the staff, mainly for its legal, but also for the economic aspects of the state. We will look at all the possibilities, we will dare and we will make the decision. All options are open during this negotiation process”, Zaev said.

Meetings and talks with other parties have already begun. Zaev announced that he would meet with all party leaders from the Albanian political bloc, and that working groups and members of the party leadership would hold regular meetings at various levels during the process of negotiating a coalition and forming a parliamentary majority.

“We will talk exclusively about forming a government that will take care of all citizens equally, without any ethnic prejudices or nationalisms, a government that will have no dilemmas when it comes to our common path called “North Macedonia – A society for all”. A government that will fight crime and corruption at all levels and pay particular attention to the consolidation of the judiciary and the control of the source of funds of every official. The future actors of the new government must be prepared for a serious reform of the public administration. The focus of the next government will be on the economy, wage growth, investment in youth, balanced regional development, support for the private sector and caring for the poorest”, Zaev said.

But VMRO-DPMNE leader Mickotski also believes he will form a government because, as he said yesterday, his party is focusing on negotiations for a new parliamentary majority.

Mickoski announced that in the following period, VMRO-DPMNE will increase the frequency of meetings with the political parties that are part of the current parliamentary composition, but not only with those of the Albanian bloc, but also with those of the SDSM coalition. Maybe they, too, he said, will recognize the VMRO-DPMNE reform program and support it. The President of VMRO-DPMNE is also convinced that none of the parliamentary groups “For the Renewal of Macedonia” will support Zaev’s and SDSM’s program.

The new government, according to Mickoski, must be stable, reformist, with a clear plan and vision to meet the challenges. According to him, politics is not a market, but wisdom and philosophy.

“Let time show who will form the parliamentary majority. Yes, those MPs who were approached by mysterious people seeking the hegemony of the SDSM, approached them, discussed them and rejected them with disgust. I also refuse to comment on this kind of takeover, because in this way we are disabling and discouraging our fellow citizens for the next local elections in a year from now. “I believe in political wisdom, in the political program and in the political philosophy, and not in buy outs, as was the case in the previous parliamentary composition”, Mickoski said.

The President of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, in the context of the formation of the new government, before yesterday’s convergence of the Parliament, said that he expects a rule of law that will soon join the EU. According to Afrim Gashi from Alternativa, the parties need more political culture and will to serve the people.

It is too early to talk about expectations, said DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, who said talks could begin on forming a new government, but nothing concrete yet.

President Stevo Pendarovski has already announced that he intends to consult with the political parties after the convergence of the Parliament and in accordance with the constitutional provisions, he will order the formation of a new coalition government, ie the parties that will secure the majority in the assembly./ibna