North Macedonia: SDSM Presidential election on March 21, party congress on May 16

North Macedonia: SDSM Presidential election on March 21, party congress on May 16

On Wednesday night, the Central Council of the ruling SDSM party held its twentieth session by teleconference. On the agenda were various issues related to the current processes taking place in the party, internal changes, modernization and democratization, as well as many important social issues of interest to citizens.

The Central Council approved the Report submitted by the General Secretary of the party Ljupco Nikolovski, on the process carried out for the information of the members and the active registration, according to a party press release.

A common assessment is that the information process was successful. The SDSM has over 80,000 members, the social democratic family is quite large, strong and united. The SDSM is the first to introduce changes; it is changing to better serve the citizens and the state.

The next step is the first direct internal party elections scheduled for March 21, in which all actively registered members will elect the SDSM President.

This is the culmination of intra-party democracy and brings new added value to our democratic society, the press release continues.

After the first direct elections, the Central Council decided, on May 16, 2021, to hold the 26th Congress of SDSM, on who will be elected.

In this case, the Central Committee approved the Regulations and the Program for the procedure, the manner and the criteria for candidacy and election of members of the Central and Supervisory Board of SDSM. It authorized the Executive Committee to determine the agenda, time, place and manner of the Conference, taking into account the situation with the coronavirus.

On current social issues, President Zaev said that the government’s priority remains the protection of citizens’ health, economic development, the fight against corruption and crime, as well as the continuation of reforms and progress in the country.

The number of new cases of coronavirus is increasing again and new measures are therefore being taken. The vaccines have been ordered in large numbers from various manufacturers that are expected to arrive in the country and the vaccination process of health professionals is successful. The state is ready for the rapid implementation of mass immunization of the population.

With regard to the rule of law and the fight against corruption in recent times, the strong political will and all the lies spread by the opposition, which remains the only one to defend crime, have been confirmed. The SDSM has shown a strong commitment to justice, determination and stability, the fight against corruption to the end. Justice is here, whoever has violated the law will face responsibility, said the party President and Prime Minister.

From an economic point of view, it is obvious that the measures and policies taken by the SDSM-led government are yielding results. All the economic parameters confirm that there is an increase in average wages and exports, the economy is returning to stable bases. We have serious announcements for young people, mainly foreign investors, as well as the expansion of existing foreign companies in the country, followed by serious, capital projects in the energy sector.

Regarding the current political situation, President Zaev pointed out that the parliamentary majority is stable with the prospect of further development and assessed the cooperation in the government coalition as very good.

Regarding the upcoming local elections and the amendments to the Electoral Code, President Zaev confirmed the position that the SDSM is favour of a constituency and supports the introduction of fingerprints during the voting. However, all this requires amendments to the Electoral Code that must be approved by consensus, without a vote.

President Zaev pointed out that with the information process, with the first internal party elections, the SDSM set new standards and announced that after the 26th Congress new policies will be followed, which will set new standards at work and provide added value to the interest citizens and the state./ibna