North Macedonia: Parties have started negotiations for the formation of a new Government

North Macedonia: Parties have started negotiations for the formation of a new Government

On the first day after the official announcement of the final results of the early parliamentary elections held on July 15, the parties began to announce negotiations to form the new governing majority.

The Social Democratic Party SDSM led by Zoran Zaev, through a statement of the party, announced that it will form a government that “will work even harder and even better and will deliver the expected result for the citizens”, to which VMRO-DPMNE responded that the previous government led by the Social Democrats did “absolutely nothing” and failed to “fulfill any promise it made in the election campaign”, so the people do not deserve another such government.

The Social Democratic Union considers the support it received from the citizens in the early parliamentary elections to be “a strong wind and a clear message to continue on the path” they opened to “give money to the people, to have justice and to be part of the European family”.

“With the victory of SDSM and the coalition, the citizens have clearly confirmed that they want the country to move forward. No more backwards, no more regime, uncertainty and insecurity. Citizens want to live in an economically advanced country with European values ​​at home, a country where the laws are equal for all and a proud member of NATO and side by side equal to the most powerful countries in the world. The formation of a government led by SDSM will follow, which will bring results according to the will of the citizens, they say in SDSM.

In recent days, party sources have reported that they are holding informal negotiations to select the “most suitable coalition partner”.

So far, there is no information about VMRO-DPMNE if and with whom it is negotiating to form a parliamentary majority, but they say they are making efforts to form a government based on principles and European values.

“It is important for VMRO-DPMNE to respect the law and the rule of law in order to create a coalition based on the commitments for the accession of the state to the Union, but also a coalition that will respect the law and the rule of law”, the party said.

DUI has already announced that it will not form a coalition with parties that do not support the Framework Agreement and the Agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, and party vice-president Teuta Arifi said last week on public television on TV 24 that VMRO-DPMNE does not see it as a partner in the new government.

“We have clear lines at our conference and they refer to Ohrid, Prespa and the Agreement with Bulgaria. I think if we talk about continuity, that means it is continuity. I say, while there is no formal negotiation process, you can hear all sorts of combinations, but I think for DUI this process of maintaining these agreements is important and is fully linked to those who created these agreements and who fully supported and worked on these agreements”, Arifi said.

The Albanian Alliance is of the opinion that they are open to talks with all parties for a coalition, but stresses that it is more difficult to participate in the same government as the DUI, although such a coalition is not ruled out as an option. The party believes that a political and credible government should be formed as soon as possible, one of the main priorities of which will be the EU accession negotiations.

For the time being, the Left has announced opposition action, although its leader Dimitar Apasiev does not rule out the possibility of his party supporting a possible government that would form between VMRO-DPMNE and all other Albanian parties, without DUI./ibna