North Macedonia: Dimitrov contacts Dacic over the phone

North Macedonia: Dimitrov contacts Dacic over the phone

This afternoon, North Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov had a phone conversation with the Vice President and Foreign Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic.

The two men exchanged their experiences amidst the health crisis to combat coronavirus, as well as information on the epidemiological situation in North Macedonia and Serbia.

The two ministers also discussed plans to further reduce restrictive measures while securing public health.

Serbian Minister Ivica Dacic informed his counterpart that no special agreement was required for the entry of foreign nationals into the Republic of Serbia, while the crossing of the Serbian border is now carried out in accordance with the usual regime.

The two ministers agreed on more intensive bilateral cooperation and deepening relations between the two friendly countries. In this sense, Foreign Minister Dimitrov accepted the invitation of Foreign Minister Dacic to pay an official visit to Serbia in the near future, when conditions allow. /ibna