North Macedonia: Ahmeti expects good news from Bulgaria by the end of the year

North Macedonia: Ahmeti expects good news from Bulgaria by the end of the year

By the end of the year, there will be good news from Sofia about the dispute with North Macedonia, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti told TV21 last night.

“Overcoming the misunderstandings between the two countries is a matter of time. I do not think it is time to share with the public the proposals or the latest documents that have been exchanged. We will wait to see the reaction of Bulgaria”, Ahmeti said, adding that he is convinced that the commitment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani will bring results.

“It is a very important moment to prove to all citizens, especially to our fellow Macedonians, that we share the good and the bad, that we will stand side by side in resolving this dispute. It is a historic moment to see that this country has a foreign minister and for the work he has done and for his maturity, I congratulate him”, Ahmeti said.

The DUI leader assessed that the trial against the KLA leaders in The Hague is a sad moment for all Albanians, because, as he says, their story is at the stand.

Ahmeti said there was no concern regarding rumors about the possible interpellation by a DUI MP. There are speculations in the National Assembly that DUI MP Izet Mexhiti may question Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani.

“There is no concern, because, of course, if there was such a thing, Mr Medziti would certainly speak to me, but such an issue has not been opened so far”, Ahmeti said.

Ahmeti also commented on the situation in Kosovo, that is, that Thaci’s friends, Veseli, Selimi, Krasniqi have ended up in The Hague.

“It is a sad moment, not only for me but for all Albanians, because the story of the Albanians is at the stand; one of the best, strongest stories of the Albanians from Kosovo, but also of the Albanians in general and the ideal of our renaissance was the liberation of Kosovo considering that it was the ideal of all these great patriots, starting from Hasan Prishtina, Bayram Kuri, Azem Bejta and all those who followed in in their footsteps: Hasan Prishtina, Rexhep Mala, Afrim Zhitia, Zahir Pajaziti, so this is a difficult time but it happened and now they have to appear before the international court, for which I think there was no other solution; it had to happen that way, because there were accusations from all sides”, Ahmeti said.

Regarding the information in the Albanian media that one of the possible witnesses of the Yellow House could be Artan Grobi, the current First Vice President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Ahmeti replied that his role was only as a translator and nothing more.

Commenting on Zaev’s words that “Albanians are not worth five cents”, Ahmeti said that Zaev said it under the influence of emotions because he believed that the DUI wanted to take revenge by running for prime minister, but then the DUI leader explained that that was not the reason.

“He told me openly that we went out with a candidate for prime minister and we are doing it to take revenge and discredit Mr. Zaev’s character. I explained to him that this has nothing to do with defamation or revanchism, but it is a promise from the Second DUI Congress that we are oriented towards the highest state bodies, the president, the prime minister, to the secret services of the state. This should make everyone happy, not just the Macedonian politicians, but also the citizens of North Macedonia, the Macedonian community, for our commitment, because we believe that this is our country; we are not hypocrites, to be biased or act as observers of events. We take responsibility for the management of this country, because in our souls we feel it as our country. We must build this country together”, Ahmeti stressed./ibna