North is a side of the world, not a nation

North is a side of the world, not a nation

Orient Express

What are the eight biggest lies and how to recognize the big liars and their manipulations with motives to fail the referendum and Macedonia not to become a member of the EU and NATO.

First, if someone says that the signed agreement with Greece is a capitulation you would immediately know that this person is a liar. You will not lose anything if you just turn them off, or just skip them with the remote, delete them the same moment if they try to sell patriotism as a drug dealer claiming that you will be happy with the cancellation of the agreement and that it was a salvation for Macedonia. Do not try to have a discussion with them, it’s a waste of time. Such people do not offer any solutions or alternatives. They know only how to manipulate and they do this very successfully for 27 years, because they offer poison packed as a medicine for untreated wounds. The main ideologists of the thesis of betrayal of Macedonia are those who robbed the state and the citizens and made them poorer than ever.

Secondly, with the change of the Constitution, in essence, the name of the state does not change. The name Macedonia remains, as before, from the foundation of the parliamentary state from 1944 to the present, as well as in the future. Macedonia gets a new addition, as well as several previous ones, this time it is North, which means a side of the world, not a name of the state or a nation. Of course, there are differences between north, federal, national, socialist and former, but there is also an unchanging constant. All these adjectives have a descriptive and different meaning, but in all cases the name Macedonia remains with the only meaning. Unchangeable. Grammatical, as well as essential, both as the name of a state, and as a national affiliation. The geographical addition North, written after the word Republic, or before the word Republic is part of the compromise and the concession made by both sides to delineate the geographical area of Macedonia belonging to four states, but only one is enlisted in the UN registry under the name Macedonia. That state is our country, everything else with that name does not signify a state, does not mean national affiliation of other nations, nor their citizenship.

Third, the Macedonian nationality is not at all subject to the agreement with Greece. No one has ever banned, nor can ban the right to self-determination. Those who claim that Macedonians will become North Macedonians are either victims of manipulations and primitive populism, or are people hired by a political party that create a bad ambience in the country against the vital interests of their homeland and its survival, as well as future development. There is no mention of a North Macedonian nationality in the agreement. There is no such thing in our country or anywhere in the world. Do not believe those who claim they are for both EU and NATO, but not under such conditions. They are liars. For 27 years, this was not feasible. It will not be the next 27 years.

Fourth, or first, according to me. The Macedonian language and every letter of creation and science, every book, a poem and a riddle, every document written and presented in the oral storytelling in Macedonian which will be written and spoken for centuries, remains in Macedonian language, which is the most significant feature of one nation and the strongest and most recognizable identifier.

Fifth, Macedonian citizenship, or nationality that should be recorded in the citizens’ personal and travel documents. There have been numerous manipulations and interpretations of experts, scholars and untrained linguists, even the ambitious connoisseurs of the grammar and spelling of the Scandinavian countries and Germany, who are quite concerned about how they will name us and write to us, jointly or separately. In most of these experts, I noticed that they do not know their mother tongue very well, nor pay attention to spelling and grammar, not to mention the way we call and write these countries.

Citizenship is Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia. This was not the subject of the agreement and we should do part of the compromise ourselves, because we are all citizens of Macedonia, but we are not all Macedonians, so this punctuation sign “/” slash line, it also signifies it without imposing any burden, without offending anyone.

Sixth, what will some important state national institutions be called that have the word Macedonian in their title. For example, what will MOC, MANU, MRTV etc. be called, yes, this too is part of a compromise that is seen as tragic, although a greater tragedy is their impairment both by politics, and even more by the ones who have long ago degraded the reputation of these important national institutions, precisely by engaging in politics. The Macedonian Orthodox Church has its own space path and church canons for resolving its name. MANU according to the composition, has long been the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Macedonia, and now some of the alley of immortals along with the mortal patriots fear that they will be the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Republic of North Macedonia. Here’s how they can graciously avoid it. Let them get away from the udder of the state, let them be politically and economically independent, and that can be paid by the big patriots, let them expel all academics of another nationality, regular and correspondent, and let them remain only as a Macedonian honorary academy.

One should not waste any words for Macedonian Radio and Television. It has long been neither Macedonian, nor radio, nor television. It’s everybody’s pub where the chimneys of the propaganda factories and the police are burning, housed in a building that was once called MRT. When you can find both TV and police in the same place, what is missing most is journalism.

Seventh, does the Agreement erase the history of Macedonia, or the lies and ideology of science, which together with politics, make a devastation in the consciousness of both Macedonians and all other citizens of Macedonia. Opium production from national institutions, universities and political cabinets has created thousands of addicts of a false historic past, and it has destroyed the true one to be proud of. Instead of Slavic, antique origin has been stimulated with political intervention. Instead of being taught that we were an integral part of several great empires and kingdoms, we have been lied to for centuries that we were under slavery. Instead of celebrating and studying the greatest victory in history when over 26,000 victims were laid in the foundations of their first state, we celebrate foreign history as our own, and we do not know any myth from the ancient history of Macedonia. These misconceptions and lies produced in the laboratories of instant historians and politicians need to be corrected. History cannot be erased. Fakes are the ones that are erased.

Eighth, the cultural heritage from the beginning of mankind to date discovered in today’s territory of the Republic of Macedonia belongs only to Macedonia under international law, and this agreement does not regulate it.

These eight essential state interests of Macedonia are subject to the greatest manipulations and the most dangerous for disrupting the country’s future. The deal is made with concessions from both sides for it to be sustainable, otherwise it will quickly be annulled. In both countries there are serious threats to be annulled. The loss in that case would be great for both Greece and Macedonia. Macedonia will lose much more because it gets much more than it loses with its implementation.

Erol Rizaov