Non-European powers should not make decisions on Kosovo, Macron says in Belgrade

Non-European powers should not make decisions on Kosovo, Macron says in Belgrade

“You invited me, and I have come. We want to open a new page together”, said French President Emmanuel Macron in Belgrade on Monday. Macron is first President of France to visit Belgrade in 18 years. His Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic has said that he was “very happy” over the visit.

At the beginning of the two-day visit, Macron reiterated his position regarding European Union’s enlargement, saying that EU must reform itself before accepting new member states.

“EU does not function well now and I think that we should first make some decision in order both, we and you, to act faster. I also believe that Europe should reform itself simultaneously with the reforms conducted by Serbia”, Macron elaborated adding that after these processes EU “will be ready to receive Serbia” as well as other candidate countries.

With regard to Kosovo and Metohija issue, Macron said that France would be “completely ready” to support the continuation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

He stated that unilateral moves should not be taken and decisions which contradict to agreements reached so far should be abolished, Macron said, without going into details.

At the same time, he claimed that “some foreign powers” do not want a solution.

“What I know is that Europe is something complex. Both Serbia and Kosovo are European countries … and national pride should not turn its back to compromise”, Macron underlined.

“It is our responsibility to provide necessary assistance in order for a solution to be reached. France and I personally will be engaged for securing serious dialogue in the months to come. Europe cannot accept the fatality of endless conflicts and that non-European powers decide about them”, Macron stressed.

He announced a special meeting with the representatives of Belgrade and Pristina and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Vucic said that his discussion with Macron was very long. “It is possible that I never experienced so open and sincere a discussion before”, Serbian President said.

“I spoke with a lot of love and care about Serbia, hoping that strong France will help us”, Vucic claimed./ibna