No transgressive behavior will go unanswered, Greek Prime Minister stresses

No transgressive behavior will go unanswered, Greek Prime Minister stresses

Mitsotakis visited the ELDYK camp, the last stop of his two-day official visit to Cyprus

No transgressive behavior will be left unanswered, stressed Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, noting that “we always strive for peace but also protect our sovereign rights under international law”. Speaking at the ELDYK camp, the last stop of his two-day official visit to Cyprus, the Greek Prime Minister said that we are living in a turbulent period, full of security and instability challenges for the wider region and added:

“Our message is firm, clear and sincere to those who dispute the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus: no transgressive behavior will be left unanswered. We always strive for peace and reconciliation. However, we also protect our sovereign rights under international law. And – let me emphasize that – we are not alone”. As he said, “we have all the member states of the European Union on our side, which have in practice expressed their support. They have already sent a first clear signal that there will be a price to pay for the violations of international law and illegal drilling in the Cypriot EEZ and in the coastal zone. And that they will negatively affect Euro-Turkish relations. And it’s not just Europe. Our two countries, Greece and Cyprus, have built very strong alliances around the region. Nevertheless, despite their rhetorical outbursts and their exaggerated practices, the illegal actions ultimately isolate and weaken Turkey”, he continued.

The Greek Prime Minister said that “my presence in Cyprus and in the ELDYK camp marks Greece’s clear support for the Republic of Cyprus’s absolute right to exploit all the natural resources within its Exclusive Economic Zone, which is a consequence of international law itself”.

“Athens has been, is and will remain firmly on Nicosia’s side and in its efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem”, he added. Mitsotakis said reunification of the island should be at the basis of UN resolutions, without third party guarantors, without occupation troops on the territory of a sovereign, independent, European country. “For a solution that will bring prosperity and benefits to the whole Cypriot people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots,” he said.

Addressing the ELDYK officers and soldiers, the Prime Minister said that “upon reaching this camp, one realizes that the story written in the books and imprinted on the memories of those who lived it, remains alive. It is present and reminds us of our debt to honor the heroes. To defend what’s right. And to remain diligent”.

“I see your faces and feel proud of the Hellenic Force in Cyprus. And I want to convey to you the thanks of all Greeks for choosing to be here, to serve their country and sister Cyprus. You are the tangible proof of the solidarity between the two countries and of our common obligation to constantly look for stability on the island. And I’m sure you serve your difficult but great job daily, with a high sense of national consciousness. And I can assure you that the country recognizes this to you. As, Mr Commander, we do not forget the dead of the ELDYK. We honor their memory and we are inspired by their heroism and their self-sacrifice”, Mitsotakis added.

Moreover, as stated in a statement by the Press Office of the Prime Minister’s General Secretariat, earlier, the Prime Minister made a commemorative visit to the Greek and Cypriot militants. The first stop was the Imprisoned Graves, where he was greeted by EOKA fighter Dimos Vryonides and relatives of Evagoras Pallikarides. There he toured the cells of EOKA’s dead fighters, the hanging room and laid a wreath on the fighters’ graves.

Afterwards, the Prime Minister, accompanied by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, visited the monument of Macedonitissa, the location of the tombs of those who fell during the 1974 invasion. There is also a “Noratlas” plane at the site, similar to the one that was shot down during operation “Victory”./ibna