The “NO” and the exit from the crisis were the messages sent by the greek political leadership

The “NO” and the exit from the crisis were the messages sent by the greek political leadership


By Spiros Sideris – Nicosia

With pomp is celebrated the anniversary of October 28, 1940 in Greece, with parades and festivities in Greece, Cyprus, and wherever there are greek communities.

The anniversary of “NO” commemorates the refusal of Greece to Italian claims contained in the ultimatum served on October 28, 1940 to the Greek dictator, who brought the title Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas. The consequence of this refusal was the entrance of the country in the Second World War and the beginning of the Greek-Italian war of 1940. This date is celebrated in Greece, Cyprus and Greek communities around the world every year, as an official national holiday and public holiday .

The political parties have issued notices on the occasion of the anniversary

“We honor those heroes who have not hesitated to offer even their lives for Freedom, Democracy and Human Dignity. Those who fought against fascism and Nazism, leaving us all indestructible legacies. Those who made the Free World to talk about the greatness and the offer of Greece to the common struggles”, says Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in his message to mark the anniversary of October 28th.

“The saga of the ’40, recorded the most brilliant pages of modern history, inspires and teaches. It gives us all the opportunity to learn the lessons of unity and commitment in the last battle for the exit of our country from the greatest economic crisis in our postwar history”, notes in his message the Prime Minister and adds:

“Each generation faces its own challenges in ours had to face a different war, a war with unorthodox financial asymmetrical threats, but thanks to the sacrifices of the Greek people, our country once again comes out of this ordeal standing”, says Deputy Prime and president of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos.

He notes that “we can now say that the war of our generation has been won, provided himself Greek people to respect the sacrifices and have the High criterion of truth.”

“History is written through the struggles that people give” says SYRIZA’s message of the historic anniversary. “The October 28, 1940 and the saga of the Resistance are the greatest proof of the power of the people when organised and fighting for its rights and independence”.

“No enemy is too strong, no difficulty is insurmountable in front of the will of the people, when it is expressed in a collective and organised way.”

SYRIZA also notes that the October 28 “is also a memory of the great victory of the peoples against fascism, which proved to be the best partner of the economically powerful and plunged the peoples into the horrors of World War II”, and that is why today, as the “neo-Nazi fascist construct” Golden Dawn “emerges from the swamp created by the policies of austerity and the dismantling of the welfare state, which destroyed a large part of Greek society, the most significant act of remembrance and honor of the generation of the National Resistance is to continue the struggle for democracy and social justice”.

“These struggles today are linked to the overthrow of the Memoranda and political forces that support them. With the race for another policy that has at its core the needs of society, solidarity and dignity”, concludes SYRIZA.

“The big ‘No’ of 1940 is an example of strength and the big ‘No’ of the Greek people today”, said a statement by the representative of the “Independent Greeks” Terrence Kouik

“The Independent Greeks will continue their unabated struggle for the recovery of national sovereignty and the end of occupation by the fourth (economic) Reich” and “call on the Greek government to finally decide to call on the Government of Albania to provide every assistance to restore a decades old abeyance: to find bury in the cemeteries of Northern Epirus the bones of thousands of Greek officers and soldiers who died in that soil, honoring the Greek flag, faithful to the values ​​of the nation”, adds Mr. Kouik.

“The anniversary celebration of the October 28 finds its place at a difficult juncture and society mired in unemployment and recession, facing the suspension of rights”, announced DIMAR.

“The ‘No’ of the 1940 is a legacy to the struggle and a testament to the potential of Greek people to determine its fate and prospects”.

“Today that people are in front of the explosion of neo-Nazi practices, the resistance of the generation of “No” marks, at the same time, the need to address the fascist phenomenon that poisons democracy and taints society with racist hatred”.