No excuses for a historic defeat

No excuses for a historic defeat

Erol Rizaov

If the day can be recognized by the break of dawn, even during an Indian summer, Macedonia is facing the greatest defeat in its modern history.

Astounding for common sense, mutual primitive struggle between the MPs of the nationalist anachronistic political party VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition of European-oriented MPs and parties, representing the majority in the Assembly, the public’s eyes are nowadays flowing like blurry and overflowing Vardar with good visibility for a tragic resolution after 27 years of efforts, denials and blockades on the European path.

Macedonia in its parliament of its people’s representatives, by its own fault, is saying goodbye to Europe with a mouthful of love for all MPs. The glimpses of the actor’s achievements in the MPs are how much they love Europe, its values ​​and democracy, by swearing their sincerity in the determination of the EU and NATO, but the patriots in the defense of the homeland and the “innocent victims” sitting every day at the defendant’s bench, reject with unprecedented ease the Euro-Atlantic integration, refuse NATO and EU invitations, which will no longer be repeated for this immature candidate.

It happens just at the moment when the prospect of achieving the most important state interests and priorities becomes a reality in the near future. A chance that, for countries like Macedonia, is provided once or never in history. And these generations of citizens, as well as their predecessors, are witnessing the sad truth that in Macedonia nothing can happen without great sacrifices and suffering, even when independence and freedom are given to us as a gift without one shot fired and without one victim. Macedonia still does not know what to do with freedom. It prefers the whip.

As a salvation, on one side, are offered lies to the patriots as the last refuge of the criminals, as if they are saving the country from capitulation and dispossession of the Macedonian people, while on the other side, there is reconciliation and forgiveness offered for the misdeeds of the bandits and the attempted murder of MPs, in order to prevent the handover of power and the constitution of parliament after a legitimate and credible election.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in the role of a Samaritan, who he gave to himself as a naive sacrifice, offered a suicidal bargain for reconciliation and forgiveness for the coup attempt last year on April 27th. The offer for the cost-effectiveness of crime, corruption and violence to endorse constitutional changes blew up like a shock bomb. Not even Trump can afford such a swap.

Efforts to clarify what the Prime Minister wanted to say only merely confirm the necessity to finally begin to measure every uttered word. The fact that he has publicly stated several times that there is no amnesty for crime does not apply when offering a conciliation from a parliamentary rostrum for coup attempts and murders. Zaev can forgive those who have split his head open, but nobody can forgive those who ruined the state order in the Assembly. The organizers of this coup on the foundations of the state do not fulfill even the minimal preconditions for forgiveness, because they neither admitted guilt nor repented of the committed crime, on the contrary, they have put it in their patriotic feats and arrogantly seek justice by playing heroes and innocent victims. The commanders of this intrusion in the Parliament have cowardly set off aside, leaving their servants to defend themselves in court.

The consequences of reconciliation and forgiveness cannot be the sacrifice offered by Zoran Zaev at the start of assuming responsibility by changing the regime of Gruevski and by signing the Agreement with Greece. The sacrifice for which Zaev was prepared and which he personally and this ruling government offered are the blows that were expected in the realization of national and state interests. All obstacles that stand on that road should be removed bravely within the framework of the constitution and laws. The interference with the highest national and strategic interests cannot pass with the amenity of the prime minister and the government that has all the mechanisms and the greatest responsibility to carry them into action. The hindering of the future of Macedonia and its Europeanization cannot be eliminated with servile offers for reconciliation with the recidivists of a regime, but only with the language that white-collar criminals understand the best, which is a rigorous rule of law and the defense of state and national interests, and the interests of all citizens. Failing to achieve vital state interests is the victim expected from this government and Zoran Zaev. There is no justification if it does not work out. The justifications that the opposition is not constructive and did not evaluate this historic moment only increases the public’s revolt that the brave man who published the bombs and revealed the biggest abuse of power and the plundering of the citizens and the state and told Nikola Gruevski to leave when he was the most powerful; the man who stood at the head of the movement to overthrow the regime, after coming to power softens each day, after he won the most difficult battle. Prime Minister Zaev’s latest shock bombs exploded in his backyard. Whether he and his supporters will weep from of the tear gas that they themselves cast, or take decisive steps to achieve the historic goals of the citizens of Macedonia, depends largely on him and his team. The historic sign is on their side. The entire civilized world provided support, the laws and the constitution are on their side.

Failure in such a position will confirm the devastating maxim with three words released in circulation: They are incapable. Come on, show us whether you are capable or incapable to do your job properly.

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