Nishani: The undertaken reforms in Albania must not be interrupted

Nishani: The undertaken reforms in Albania must not be interrupted

Tirana, July 15, 2013

During a work meeting held today with the heads of some independent institutions, the President of the Republic appealed to them to face with the greatest possible professional and democratic success the transition of political power.

During the meeting (photo) held with the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ardian Fullani; the Chief Justice of the High Court, Xhezair Zaganjori; the Deputy Chairman of the High Council of Justice, Elvis Çefa; the Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla; the Head of the High State Audit, Bujar Leskaj and General-Inspector of HIDAA, Zana Xhuka, the Head of State proclaimed that in the framework of the European future of the country, the reforms that have been undertaken, approved and coordinated with the international community must not be interrupted.

“The undertaken and undergoing structural reforms that have already been approved and coordinated also with the international community, those that are related to the digitalization of the judicial and prosecutor system, those that have already began to bear fruits in the transparency of the system and especially to increase the competition and evaluation of our judicial system members, have no reason to be interrupted and place on hold. They are destined to achieve their objectives, objectives to the benefit of public good. This would not only bring greater possibilities to the new government and majority, but would enable a more suitable climate of coordination to our common objectives that would in turn pave the way to a fruitful state and institutional cooperation.” – stressed President Nishani.

The President of the Republic stated in the meeting as well that the constitutional institutions of our state are oiled mechanisms that function with a pleasing efficiency to the benefit of the country, all over the country, for all alike without taking into account any kind of pertinence, but only in compliance to the law.

“Such a period of transition has sometimes been perceived during the history of Albanian state and democracy as a foggy and suitable one to be misused by crime elements of any kind, but especially by economic and corrupting crime. That is why I am here to hail such institutions like the HAS which a few days ago has made public important institutional and economical measures taken against certain other institutions. The same rhythm must be preserved also in other monitoring and controlling institutions, because this creates not only a pleasant feeling of security ensuring us that the state functions, but it also serves as a powerful halting and preventing mechanism against any infraction and wrongdoing that may seem to be non punishable during this period.”

The President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani appealed to the heads of independent institutions to work with as much devotion as possible for a real state and always based on the law in compliance to the real needs, concrete circumstances and not based on narrow-mindless and interest.

“Let us keep one thing in mind: someone who does not commit himself entirely to the task he is charged with can never enjoy the trust of people.” – emphasized the Head of State.