Nimetz: It is a risk to wait for a new name agreement

Nimetz: It is a risk to wait for a new name agreement

25 years have passed, and it can be as many more before a new agreement is reached if this one doesn’t pass, the UN mediation in the name dispute Matthew Nimetz said in an interview with BIRN regarding the dispute over the reached agreement between fYROMacedonia and Greece.

According to him, the idea of long-term waiting and non-implementation of the contract is very risky.

– Those in your state who say ‘Let’s wait, let us leave a few more years, we will have a better deal in the future,’ I tell them, ‘you do not know where the EU will be, whether the next member will be your country, you do not know where NATO will be, you do not know what will happen in Greece with the change of power, you do not know what will happen in the region. The idea of long-term waiting is very risky, “Nimetz stressed.

He says that he is a reserved optimist, but that, however, all is not done. For the agreement to be implemented, the referendum should pass, the constitutional changes should be adopted and then the Greek parliament should ratify it.

– I hope it will pass in both countries, because it is a fair and honest solution for both sides, but if it does not pass, I do not see a solution in the near future. It’s been 25 years, another 25 can pass. And many people will lose interest if this does not pass right now in your country, warns Nimetz./ IBNA