Nikos Kotzias reached agreement for cooperation with CASS

Nikos Kotzias reached agreement for cooperation with CASS

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias visited the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) where he met with the leadership of China’s largest Think Tank, headed by Wang Weiguang President, Secretary of the leading Party member’s group.

In the meeting, which was held in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere, issues of common interest and cooperation between CASS and Greece were discussed.

Nikos Kotzias referred to the prospects for expanding the co-operation between the two countries which, beyond the economy, energy and culture, could also cooperate in the spirit sector, as the two countries are carriers of major cultures and philosophical trends , which still continue to influence the world scene in many ways.

The first pillars of cooperation, as mentioned by the Greek Foreign Minister, could be the collaboration of CASS with the Center for Analysis and Planning of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Greek Universities at the level of research and postgraduate studies.

For his part, Wang Weiguang thanked Nikos Kotzias for his visit to CASS and he did not fail to mention the ancient relationships of the two cultures and the necessity of further cooperation through a philosophical background that would further strengthen these relations .

Having accepted the co-operation proposal proposed by Nikos Kotzias, Wang Weiguang spoke extensively about CASS’s work and its importance for China as it is the main think tank that plans and implements the country’s policy.

As he pointed out, CASS’s immediate goal is the New China Building Idea, an action plan of 18 thoughts and 5 axes to “regenerate” China ahead of the new global political scene with a depth of implementation and effect over the next two centuries.

2021 and 2049, as Wang Weiguang pointed out, are milestone years, completing 100 years since the birth of China in 1921 and 100 years since the founding of the Democratic Republic in 1949, and the new Central Committee of the CCP to be elected in the autumn of 2017 from the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will mark the new era for China’s DPR.

Nikos Kotzias and Wang Weiguang have agreed to hold a Forum where the issue of both Greece’s and China’s global community views will be raised through the many common problems that concern the two countries.

Finally, the two men agreed that the multi-level development of the two countries’ relations, in economics, politics, culture, science and knowledge, should become useful and not remain academic.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), established in 1977, is the premier and the most comprehensive academic research organization and national center in the People’s Republic of China for studying in the fields of philosophy and social sciences with the obligation of advancing and Innovating in the scientific researches of philosophy, social sciences and policies. It was described by Foreign Policy magazine as the top think tank in Asia. It is affiliated with the PRC’s State Council until 2017.

CASS is now composed of 31 research institutes and 45 research centers, which carry out research activities covering nearly 300 sub-disciplines. At present, CASS has more than 4,200 staff members in total, of which more than 3,200 are professional researchers.

Conducting a broad international academic exchange remains one of CASS’s guidelines, and this has gained pace in recent years. The quality of scholars participating in academic exchanges has gone from dozens of people divided into 10 batches in 1979 to over 4,100 people divided into 1398 batches in 1995. Meanwhile, CASS has established constructive relations with over 200 research organizations, academics, communities , Institutions of higher learning, foundations and related government departments covering more than 80 countries and regions./IBNA