‘Night wolves’ on BiH tour

‘Night wolves’ on BiH tour

Members of the Russian Motorcycle club “Night wolves” arrived on Thursday in the city of Doboj on their tour through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They crossed the state border on Tuesday early evening and visited Bijeljina and Banja Luka, despite the controversy that their tour has created. In Banja Luka, they paid a visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

The president of the Motorcycle Federation of Russia, Yevgeny Strogov, said that they were surprised that some of their members were banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that each state has the right to open or close its borderaccordingly.

“But there must be a strong reason for that,” stressed Strogov, pointing out that they were surprised about political comments regarding their stay in BiH and with the visit was covered by journalists and presented in the media.

The group crossed the state border in cars not on motorcycles. The “Wolves'” leader, Alexander Zaldostanov, nicknamed “the Surgeon”, and leader of the club’s branch in Serbia, Saša Savić, are not part of this group since BiH institutions declared they are “dangerous for national security” and banned them from entering the country.

Earlier on, “Wolves'” representatives stated that they are not dangerous and that the group is on a tour of “Orthodox countries”, spreading the ideas-values of peace and tolerance.

The U.S. Embassy in BiH announced that the “Night Wolves'” visit should not be supported by institutions and politicians of the country, since such trips can have strong influence on state security and stability. Russian Embassy in Sarajevo issued a “counter press release” emphasising that Russian citizens are not dangerous and that the “Wolves” are known as a humanitarian and Orthodox organisation.

Their representatives stressed that a similar “pilgrimage”, as they call the tour, have been organised several times in the past and that members of the club have been to BiH very often. Every time, as they said, ordinary people welcome them in a very warm way… / IBNA