NGOs demand tougher measures against domestic violence

NGOs demand tougher measures against domestic violence

Skopje, November 13, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Four women have died in the past six months in FYROM as a result of domestic violence. The alarm has been raised by the National Network against Violence Against Women in a meeting held today in Skopje against domestic violence.

Elena Dimusevska, a representative of this network, underlined that these murders have been committed by the husbands and partners, while the state is not offering protection for those citizens who report domestic violence.

“Three out of the four recent cases of domestic violence in Macedonia were reported to police and social services, but reaction didn’t come on time. This is an alarming situation and shows the failure of the system in protecting victims of domestic violence”, declared Elena Dimusevska.

NGOs want to know what else must happen in order for authorities to show responsibility.

“How many other children must remain without mothers and how many citizens must suffer the loss of their relatives as a result of domestic violence, in order for the system of protection to function?”, says Elizabeta Bozhinovska, coordinator of HERA program for the protection of women from violence.

Mila Carova from the Macedonian Social Democrat Union (LSDM) says that institutions have failed in protecting the citizens.

“The victims are unprotected, something which was seen with several murders taken place recently. The citizens are entitled to protest and demand responsibility by the minister of Interior, Gordana Jankulovska, but also from the minister of Social Issues, Dime Spasov. Someone must be held accountable”, declared Carova.

A serious event of domestic violence happened at the end of last week in Kavadar, in the east of the country, when a 40 year old man murdered his wife’s sister and parents, following the divorce and family problems.

Activists of women’s rights demand from authorities to take urgent measures in order to guarantee the safety of the victims of domestic violence, in order for this violence not to be repeated again. /ibna/