Newly elected Slovenian MPs prepare the agenda for Parliament’s main session

Newly elected Slovenian MPs prepare the agenda for Parliament’s main session


Review Hari Stefanatos

The heads of the interim deputy group is to meet with the outgoing National Assembly Speaker, Janko Veber, on Monday to discuss the agenda of the National Assembly’s maiden session, scheduled this Friday. A new parliamentary speaker will also be appointed on Monday.

In the meeting it will also be decided which deputy groups will have chairs and co-chairs in the new Privileges and Credentials Commission, which will be appointed on Friday and will be responsible for the preparation of the vote on the approval of the terms for the appointment of the new MPs.

Only when at least half of the deputy terms are endorsed is the new Parliament formally inaugurated. The approval of the terms is usually a technicality, but there is a complication this time around, regarding the uncertain appointment of SDS leader Janez Janša, who is serving a two-year prison sentence for corruption, with experts divided as to whether he can become an MP.

In accordance with slovenian Law, a term of an MP terminates once a six-month prison sentence or more becomes final, meaning he/she has to go to prison.

Today, however, the  interim deputy group leaders will also decide on the seating plan for the new four-year parliamentary party groups.

If there are several deputy groups with the same number of MPs, a draw determines where they will sit, which is the case with the Social Democrats (SD) and the United Left (ZL), each having won six seats in the 13 July early general election.

(Source: Sloveniatimes)