The ‘New Turkey’ Erdogan dreams of

The ‘New Turkey’ Erdogan dreams of


The Army, the Police, and the Judiciary weakened

The control of the country in the hands of Erdogan-Fidan

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

“Together we will create the new Turkey” is the motto of Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the presidential elections to be held on August 10, in which he is a candidate. But recent events in domestic and foreign policy show signs that he is trying to take complete control of the country.

The Turkish Prime Minister, on the home front seems to have given the order for “cleansing” operations in the Turkish Police. By order of the Public Prosecutor of Istanbul, who was appointed to this position recently, 87 senior police officers have been arrested and accused of spying and illegal wiretaps. The operations for the arrests started simultaneously in 22 cities and 30 more policemen are wanted.

Most of those arrested held important positions and some of them were in the group of the Turkish Prime Minister’s guard.

Information indicates that all those arrested are believed to have an affiliation with Gulen’s Islamic order, which since last December has been at ‘war’ with Erogan, with the Turkish Prime Minister characterizing its entire structure as a parastate.

Political analysts believe that Erdogan, before the presidential election, is attempting to “cleanse” the Police by members of the order of Gulen. The Turkish Prime Minister hinted that such operations might start in other sectors as well.

What is striking is that among those arrested is the former director of Turkey’s Anti-terrorism Unit, Yurt Atagioun,

The turkish government believes that the Islamic order of Fethullah Gulen, using its members, who were in the judiciary and the police tried to make a coup overthrowing Erdogan last December.

Erdogan has claimed that the sound documents from illegal wiretaps and the revelations of corruption that led to the resignation of four ministers last December, with the ultimate aim to overthrow the government was a plan of the order of Hizmet, which is controlled by the preacher Gulen who lives in USA.

The turkish media are reporting that the operations will continue in the coming days.

In 2010 and 2011 with similar operations, at dawn, dozens of army officers had been arrested on charges of involvement in a plot to overthrow the government codenamed Sledgehammer (Bayloz) and their participation in the paramilitary organisation Ergenekon. Among the accused was the former Chief of the General Staff of Turkey, general Ilker Basbug At the time, the Justice and the  Police were considered to have been under the complete control of Gulen.

Most defendants were sentenced to heavy penalties of up to life imprisonment and others with many years in prison. But after the outbreak of the “war” with the Gulen’s order, the Supreme Court ruled the proceedings illegal and requested a rehearing of the case. All the accused were released from prison two months ago. Now, under arrest have been placed those who had arrested the army officers.

The big question is what happens if on August 10, Erdogan is elected president, and in accordance with his already known plan, achieves unlimited power both in the internal and foreign policy of the country.

“He is attempting to create a Middle Eastern type regime, that of ‘Muhaberat’ (secret services), where the president and the intelligence service is above all”, reports the opposition newspaper Bugün.

However, the successive arrests, charges and convictions have weakened the army, the police and the judiciary, and a few days ago, the Turkish Prime Minister announced his plans to abolish the Communications Committee, with its work load taken over by the Secret Service of Turkey (MIT), which under the command of its Head, Hakan Fidan, is the only administration Erdogan trusts!