“New Tourist Image of Albania” presented

“New Tourist Image of Albania” presented

Tirana, March 6, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Albanian authorities are trying to promote tourism in the country, by presenting what they consider to be a new tourist image.

For this, the Minister of Urban Development and Tourism, Eglantina Gjermeni presented today (06.03) in front of international media in Berlin (Germany) in a press conference (photo), the “New Tourist Image of Albania”.

Mrs. Gjermeni took advantage of the Tourist Fair in Berlin, where Albania is participating, in order to present the new platform.

Gjermeni said that the new platform aims to improve legislation and increase the quality of services in tourist areas. She said that the promotion of the new image of Albania aims to attract more tourists and called on foreign tourists to visit Albania.

“At the center of presentation we also have the reforms which we’re undertaking to turn tourism into a priority sector for the development of the economy. We want to promote a new image for Albania in order to attract more tourists, not just in number, but also in terms of the period that they stay in Albania”.

Stressing that Albania is a country with a great tourist potential which is known for its hospitality, Gjermeni added: “Albania is a country that welcomes tourists, it has great tourist potentials and a rich cultural heritage”.

Minister Gjermeni also offered several other details on the new platform: “As a government, we have started to promote a new image of Albania not only in the domain of tourism, but also in other domains. Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of European Integration are working to create a new brand for Albania in the world market. In the framework of the efforts for the promotion of a tourist Albania or to turn Albania into a preferred tourist destination, one of the activities consists on the agreement with the Foreign Ministry, through which our diplomatic centers in the world will promote tourism. Each embassy or diplomatic center will have a stall with materials for the promotion of tourism in Albania, which are made available by as us a ministry”, said Gjermeni.

Tourism in Albania is almost unorganized. Tourists mainly consists on Albanians who live in emigration and tourists coming from the Balkan region. In the recent years, there’s been an increase in the number of non Albanian tourists, but they have faced with a chaotic situation: bad roads, a miserable infrastructure of services, a lack of tourist information, lack of drinking water, shortages in power supply, poor hotel services, poor services in restaurants and high prices.

Several experts consider the hotel and restaurant services, the lack of experience in these fields, the lack of trained staff as the main problem.

These along with the missing qualification of staff have a negative impact in offering quality services. /ibna/