New phase of dialogue and reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia

New phase of dialogue and reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy and Security, Federica Mogherini, is expected to meet this week with the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci and the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, in an attempt to push dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade forward.

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci says that this new phase of dialogue for the normalization of relations and reconciliation between the two countries, will be in the best interests of both countries.

“The dark chapter of the past will be closed and a perspective for the European future of our countries and the region will open up”, the president of Kosovo has said.

On the other hand, the Serb president, Aleksandar Vucic says that in the new round of talks there will be substantial dialogue between the two countries, after 1, 2 or 5 years.

The head of the Kosovo delegation for dialogue with Serbia, Edita Tahiri says that dialogue now must enter a new final phase and must be finalized with a mutual recognition between the two countries.

“I am confident that peace between the two biggest nations in the region, Albanians and Serbs, may be achieved if there’s mutual recognition”, says Tahiri.

On the other hand, political analysts say that the continuation of dialogue helps both countries in the process of accession in Euro-Atlantic structures.

Professor of political science, Gjon Culaj told IBNA that the principle of good neighboring relations is an important element in the process of accession in the European Union.

“Dialogue between neighboring countries is necessary. This dialogue will  benefit the citizens of both countries. Dialogue will also be beneficial for Kosovo’s and Serbia’s approach toward the EU and NATO”, Culaj said. /