New checkpoint at Bulgarian – Romanian border opened

New checkpoint at Bulgarian – Romanian border opened

The Krushari – Dobromir border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Romania opened on December 17.

The opening is in line with a 2012 intergovernmental agreement on the opening of two new border crossings between Bulgaria and Romania, at Kaynardzha-Lipnitsa and Krushari-Dobromir.

The Kaynardzha-Lipnitsa border checkpoint was opened in October 2017.

In terms of the intergovernmental agreement, the checkpoint at Krushari-Dobromir

is on Romanian territory, with facilities for border checks by both the Romanian and Bulgarian border police authorities.

The opening hours of the new station will be from 8am to 8pm and it will serve motor vehicles up to three and a half tons.

Krushari is 32km from Dobrich, 85km from Varna, and 70km from Balchik and Silistra.

Bulgaria’s Cabinet approved the opening of the new border checkpoint at a meeting on November 14./ΙΒΝΑ

(Photo: Bulgarian Interior Ministry).