New ‘charter’ for the RES in Greece

New ‘charter’ for the RES in Greece

The Greek government wants to convert the islands of the country in “sustainable energy production systems through the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)”, proceeding in this context to the revision of the Special Spatial Planning for RES, with the aim of ensuring that the site is compatible with the protection of the environment, on the basis of best European practices.

Recently, the first phase of the electrical interconnection of the Cyclades was completed, while progress was also recorded in the interconnection plan of Crete with the Peloponnese. And all this at a time when particular emphasis is placed on the introduction of the Energy Communities Institution, the framework for enabling everyone to produce electricity for their own use or to become active in the energy market.

“The landscape in the energy market is changing rapidly. Nothing will be the way we know it in 2030. We have twelve years (ahead of us) in order to let Greece follow a course based on a plan and a vision”, noted Minister of Energy, George Stathakis, referring to the ambitious European targets for RES (32%) for 2030, saving energy (32.5%) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (40%).

The Greek government promotes -as has been pointed out- a grid of institutional interventions that create a new, clear and transparent institutional landscape for RES, introducing first competitive processes for RES and reducing the distance of RES compared to conventional fuels in terms of cost, while shaping the institutional framework so that, by 2019, the Energy Stock Exchange is activated.

The result of the auctioning of renewable energy plants last week, according to the Regulatory Authority for Energy, seems to be positive in terms of low energy absorption rates for RES-produced energy and the need to move ahead with the investments soon, to build the units and make them operable in a sustainable manner, which will create the conditions for attracting even greater investment interest in future competitions…. / IBNA