New changes in the Albanian government, many institutions merge with each other

New changes in the Albanian government, many institutions merge with each other

In Albania, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama has already confirmed the composition of his new cabinet, which has fewer ministries than the previous one. Also, a number of institutions depending on these ministries have been reduced.

So, customs will merge with taxation while the department of accreditation will merge with the department of standardization.

Also, 12 educational directorates will be reduced to 4.  Meanwhile, the Authority for Accommodation will now fall under the authority of municipalities.

As far as the new composition of the Rama II cabinet is concerned, the post of the deputy PM will be held by Senida Mesi, an MP from the constituency of Shkodra.

Meanwhile, there will be two ministers of State, Sonila Qato as minister for Enterprise and Pandeli Majko as minister for the State and Diaspora.

List of the new cabinet

Prime Minister:

Edi Rama

Deputy Prime Minister:

Senida Mesi

Minister of State for the Diaspora:

Pandeli Majko

Minister of State for Enterprise:

Sonila Qato

Foreign Minister:

Ditmir Bushati

Interior Minister:

Fatmir Xhafaj

Defence Minister:

Olta Xhacka

Justice Minister:

Etilda Gjonaj

Minister of Culture:

Mirela Kumbaro

Minister of Finance, Economy andLabor:

Arben Ahmetaj

Minister of Education and Youth:

Lindita Nikolla

Minister of Health and Social Care:

Ogerta Manastirliu

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy:

Damian Gjiknuri

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development:

Niko Peleshi

Minister of Tourism and Environment:

Blendi Klosi