New case shakes Montenegro’s judiciary

New case shakes Montenegro’s judiciary

Secretary of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro (VDT) Nenad Vujošević was arrested shortly after 9:30 today at the Podgorica airport, TV News reports.

Vujošević is suspected of being part of a criminal group led by Atlas Group president Duško Knežević.

In telephone conversations that reached the public, Vujošević told Knežević that he bribed Chief Prosecutor Ivica Stanković, who later denied it.

Knežević had several phone conversations with Secretary of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office Nenad Vujošević, who, among other things, confirms that he carried the money, which Duško Knežević sent, to Chief Prosecutor Ivica Stanković.

Following this scandal, the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office organized a press conference. Stanković addressed the media, but immediately after his statement, left the press room because of his alleged “earlier assumed” obligations.

“The prosecution is ready to deal with crime, both inside and outside”, Stanković said, and then left the press room.

After the first recording where Secretary of State Prosecutor’s Office Nenad Vujošević talks about handing over money to Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stanković, another recording was made public with Vujošević’s voice, in which he informs Knežević that he spoke with Special State Prosecutor Milivoj Katnić.

He had previously spoken with Ivica Stanković in Igalo at Knežević’s request, conveying to him Knežević’s message that he would announce that he had bribed him if he does not release Dejan Sekulić from custody.

Vujošević left Montenegro last Friday two days before the first audio recording was released.

In an interview, Duško Knežević said that by bribing prosecutors, he allowed part of the blocked money of foreign clients at Atlas and IBM Bank to be unblocked. He also announced new footage mentioning Ivica Stanković’s son.

Knežević stressed that the Prosecution must investigate the Chief Prosecutor./ibna